Asda Style Challenge - £100 capsule wardrobe

It's a bank holiday weekend, and sunshine doesn't feel like such a distant stranger. I can vaguely imagine a time of wearing summer dresses and sandals again, not exactly now, but soon! Asda set me a styling challenge that seemed perfect for the changing seasons, so here it is! I was given £100 to create a mini capsule wardrobe, so I decided to style some key retro pieces ready for when summer starts to knock on my door once more.

The key to creating a capsule wardrobe is to stick to a core palette on colours. My skin tone is complemented by cool shades, so I tend to stick to blues, greens etc. I based my purchases around turquoise, black and white.

The tshirt is £5, and the skirt is £14. I can't put into words how much I adore this skirt. It is pleated beautifully, doesn't blow up in the wind, and is generally just fabulous.

Mixing and matching, I got this black top for £12 to pair with both skirts.

Here is the 2nd skirt, note the turquoise highlights to tie it in as a capsule collection. It costs £8 and is a stretch pencil skirt.

The turquoise hints in the skirt means it can be paired up with the first tshirt, for the 4th look with 4 separates.

This simple maxi dress is perfect for the changing seasons, and costs £14. I used to shy away from maxi dresses but in the last couple of years I've fully fallen in love with them for a dusky summer evening.

This seaside print dress is pretty amazing for a supermarket print. I can't find it online now, but they have it in a swing style dress for £20. It's such a vintage style print, I love it.

I think the trick to supermarket clothes shopping is having a keen eye for things that would work for you. They have to please a very large and varied market, so a lot of it won't stand out as very on trend. But they're actually proving to be well worth a browse. The stand out items for me, are the black and white skirt and the seaside print dress. I almost want to buy a second of each for when they wear out!