Are you on the organ donor register?

This post is a little out of kilter with my usual blog posts, but I just watched 'Love On The Transplant List' a documentary on BBC Three. I am a little overwhelmed with how awesome this young woman Kirsty is, so I thought I would share.

Kirsty, aged 21 has cystic fibrosis and is determined not to let the disease get in the way of her wedding. The average age of a CF sufferer is apparently 38, but her standard of living quickly deteriorates over the few months that the documentary follows her and her fiance Stuart.

The attitude that Kirsty maintained in her day-to-day life simply grabbed me, and I glued myself, hand over mouth for most of the programme. In credit to the BBC, the documentary was beautifully done. 

Kirsty refused to be beaten, and Stuart chose love. He knew she was ill when they met, but he chose love.

Three people a day die while waiting on the transplant register, and apparently while the  vast majority of us would happily recieve a transplant, only 29% of us have joined the register.

For more information - have a peek at the NHS Organ Donation website.