Are you kidding me? Sexism alive and well in Fabulous Magazine

I came across this magazine cover today and I'm fuming. It's the career issue of Fabulous Magazine, with Michelle Mone on the cover. Michelle is a woman I admire and respect. She has a career worthy of being featured in a career issue. But by god, this cover ....have we fallen back a couple of decades? Have I picked up a copy of sexy secretary monthly by accident?

God I'm cross. This is still how women are being portrayed as business women. In a women's magazine! We are permitted to run big companies if we're half naked and beautiful. The opening paragraph opens with a description of Michelle:

"Michelle Mone is a surprisingly tall, utterly vivacious, bombshell blonde..."

Surely I'm not being overly sensitive in being so totally over intelligent and success women being judged initially on their looks. This just doesn't happen to men.

The message it sends is so boring and sad. I'm disappointed that Fabulous sell this message, and I'm disappointed that Michelle considered this a smart choice.

Do we still need feminism? Hell yes.