Are expensive running pants worth it?






I blogged yesterday about my top tips for starting running and today I bought myself some new running pants from Sweaty Betty. I'd recieved some vouchers for Christmas, so off I went!

These long running trousers cost £55, and I got asked on twitter whether they're worth it.

In this past year, I've tried a range of gym/running gear, from jogging bottoms, leggings, cropped gym pants, all of which came from charity shops.

Then I was gifted some running pants from Freya Active, which would have cost £42.


These transformed how I ran, and how I felt about running, and I'd never go back to cheaper options now. I needed some long ones as it's chilly out there! I prefer the fit of the Sweaty Betty ones currently as the Freya ones seem to create a slight camel toe! I do love them though, I just wear a longer length top.

Why do I love the more expensive running trousers?

1. The material just glides, and allows you to focus on running. Like a dream.

2. They don't fall down. You can forget you're wearing them, unlike leggings which tend to loosen and slip down.

3. When you wear them at the gym and you're stretching, you have no fear of the seams ripping. I can't be the only one with this fear?!

4. They're surprisingly warm when you're cold, and cool when you're hot.

Can you tell I love them? I'd never run in regular pants again, but I'm glad I waited and used cheaper versions first. There's nothing worse than buying expensive kit and then not really getting into it!  Thanks To Freya for allowing me test run (see what I did there?!) some first, so I could discover the world of proper sports gear.