Annie Pancake - Her Take on ReeRee Rockette (!)


A short while ago I noticed a little tweet from Miss Annie Pancake talking about a graphic arts piece she had finished which had been inspired by me! I had to find out more.....I was very excited to discover it was a project about a passion of mine - wartime propaganda! 

I am a little overwhelmed that I somehow influenced someone's A-Level Graphic Design awesome!

Here is Annie Pancake explaining how the piece came about:

''Hello lovely readers!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post the fabulous ReeRee Rockette has taken the time to write about me. My name is Annie and I'm 16 years old. I've been into the vintage scene for about a year now, I actually blog myself, and when I first discovered it I fell head over heels, I think ReeRee was actually one of my first 'vintage' follows on Twitter.


I started my A levels this year and I took up Graphic Design as I'd realised last year that I wasn't actually that good at Fine Art! For my project, essentially what you have to do is research artists, copy them (purely to absorb their techniques, I assure you!) and then interpret them in your own way. I, being the firm vintage devotee of course instantly warmed to the books full of War Propaganda and I studied the obligatory 'Make, Do and Mend' poster, as well as some Cold War posters, which is where I developed my 'high contrast' kind of style.


I, being a 16 year old whose world generally revolves around conquering my mountain of essays, clothes and wasting time in Costa Coffee with my friends, have little knowledge of, or sadly, interest in war, or politics, or anything particularly profound really, but I had to find something to 'argue' and persuade for as my main study was propaganda.


What immediately sprung to mind was my insistence that we as 6th formers should be allowed to dress and express ourselves through the way we style ourselves, which eventually led me to think of Ree Ree, who I know has talked about how her job restricted her ability to express herself, so it inspired me to draw a ReeRee-esque lady (I actually stole a couple of pictures from her blog to inspire her hair and accessories) looking a bit indignant, or challenging.


The caption 'employ me' is supposed to be sort of ironic, I basically just wanted to say, through my work, that the way you look doesn't effect your ability to work or learn and that perhaps society should be a bit more accepting with regards to tattoos and piercings and just generally those of us who don't dress like everybody else.... and I love her glasses, don't you?


-Annie Pancake xxxx''

Annie....if you ever get her printed on a t-shirt...I'll buy the first one. 


All images remain the copyright of Annie Pancake and have been reproduced with permission.


ETA - You can now buy the t-shirt! I must get one!