Angelique Houtkamp - Exhibition

I mentioned Angelique in a previous post and I was luckily enough to be able to attend an art exhibition of hers today. It goes on for a few more days - so here are the details if you can make it - details


I fell under the spell of being surrounded by art I loved....and bought a print. There goes my saving for Vegas plan. I went for Snake Charmer....

I also bought the book....once you've spent £95 on a print, you hardly notice the cost of a book on top!

Sadly......I excitedly opened my print at home, and there seems to be a mark on gutted. I know that she uses stained backgrounds etc, but this just doesn't look like it should be there.

It is in the middle of the white border in this pic. There are no other marks on the white border. I'm so sad.....will email the gallery.
Added: The gallery were more than happy to exchange the print, so I was able to get it framed and fall in love with all over again.