An introduction to vintage / retro lingerie (stockings and girdles)


The first nylon stockings went on sale in 1940, and over 72,000 pairs were sold on the first day! Apparently it caused the Japanese silk market to collapse overnight

In the 1960s, as the length of skirt got shorter, tights became more fashionable, and stockings became quite old fashioned!

What is fun, is that they have made a come-back, and you may well be wanting to wear some, but not knowing where to start.

I'd suggest starting with a basic girdle. If you've ever worn a modern suspender belt, you may well not trust your stockings to stay up. They are quite flimsy, and can cut into your softer bits in ways that aren't flattering. 

Don't give up yet!

I'd suggest going for a pretty basic girdle, such as this Vargas Roll On Girdle from Kiss Me Deadly.

This girdle is a bargain at £25 and will give you a secure start into the world of wearing stockings. It has six straps, so you can trust that your stockings won't be falling down, and the coverage that it offers means that you don't get your soft bits squished in unflattering ways. I haven't tried this girdle, but own one that is similar.

You'll need to buy some stockings too! You could go the full vintage hog and wear some fully fashioned stockings. These are from What Katie Did, and as Katie tells us:

'There are only two factories in the UK that still make fully fashioned stockings. The machinery is extremely big, slow, heavy and tempermental which means that the remaining companies are making fully fashioned stockings for the love of them, certainly not for the money!'

What Katie Did sell these for £20 but they also offer a more affordable option with their Retro Seamed stockings for £5

 You may well have tried modern hold-up stockings and looked down and not been happy with what they do to your thighs. They can certainly cut in! Try traditional stockings - they are not tight at the top, and miles more flattering, allowing you to feel great while wearing them.