Amazing vintage repro dresses from Dig For Victory

Just when you think you've seen all of the repro dresses in the UK, you find some new amazing ones. It takes a lot to excite me about a new vintage style dress, but oh gosh, these are so delightful.

Dig For Victory is based in Brighton, but you can order online too. Here are my favourites.

This lemon dress looks perfectly authentic, and I doubt anyone would think you were wearing a reproduction dress. It costs £102.

This stripey number again looks pretty darn vintage, and I love it. So much. It costs £115.

I am a little obsessed with emerald green, and this one (last one available is a size 6) is gorgeous. It's £130.

Another dress which doesn't fit the usual 'repro vintage' look is this orange one, at £110. Gorgeous and unsual.

For a real show stopper, this silver prom dress is simply stunning, and I could only imagine how it would make you feel when you first put it on. It costs £120.

They also have vintage fabric in stock which you can order in a dress style of your choice. If I wasn't off to Viva Las Vegas this month, I'd buy a dress in this duck print without question. I'm still super tempted.....

I adore it. I feel I need it. But I need to save for Vegas.....oooohh dilemmas,