Amazing Hip Hop Dancing Making Me Happy

Sometimes you find a moment in happiness in unexpected places, you just have to keep your eyes out! I've been really enjoying this video, of a kick arse choreographer teaching a group a routine to Where are U now. 

Two dancers in particular make my soul soar, I wonder if you can guess who they are?!

In a parallel universe I'd be a hip hop dancer, but in this world I'm happy to accept that our bodies have natural abilities that no amount of effort can overcome. I have very little kinesthetic talent; I can't sense direction, I can't imagine 3d objects in my mind, I can't control my body very well. I sing and dance out of time.

I have many strengths, but moving my body isn't one of them.

I still gain a lot of joy from watching dance like this, and sharing in their talents. I adore how gender neutral the dancers are; girls and boys wear the same and move in the same ways - brilliant. Aren't human's amazing?!