Amazing Alternative / Vintage Hats from Frollein von Sofa

I stumbled across this awesome German Hat Maker - Frollein von Sofa. I started browsing her hats, and simply have to share! I recently vowed to wear more hats and I will definitely be saving up to get one of these.....only problem is it would be very hard to choose!

I was immediately drawn to the lipstick hat for obvious reasons!

Ironically she also makes a librarian hat!

I adore this tropical one, and it would be perfect for my Viva Las Vegas trip in 2012.

 This is possibly my favourite. It has such a classic vintage feel, but yet is colourful and bright - I love a hat that makes other people smile.

Following on with a vintage feel, I also ADORE this hat, perhaps this is now my favourite (I told you it was hard to choose!).

This cake headband is super sweet!

Another tropical number - I do love tropical things, very Rockabilly-esque.

I could keep going....but you should check out the website if you fancy some hat-porn.