Am I lucky? Hell no.

I started the morning by reading this post on "Bloggers' Luck" from Big Fashionista which reminded me of this tattoo I got a few years ago.

I used to be a primary school teacher, and then I side-stepped to a new career as a school librarian in a secondary school. Technically not a job I was qualified for, but I knew I'd be kickarse at it, and I managed to convince the interview panel that I was worth the chance. They matched my old teaching salary, but my workload was a lot less than when I was teaching. Many people may have thought I was 'lucky'.

Hell no.

I made friends with one teacher in particular, who over drinks one day, berated me for my 'luck', that I got to finish earlier, and not take marking home, and got to read a lot. I got pretty cross, and it was by no coincedence that I got this 'Lucky' tattoo shortly after.

Design by Studio MutiHaving him call me 'lucky' belittled the hard work, and boldness that came with putting myself out there for a career path I wasn't qualified for. The world of the librarians weren't best pleased either.....I definitely encountered a lot of anger and negativity from other librarians once they heard of my appointment. 

Luck comes from things I cannot control - so perhaps I was lucky to have been raised as a reader, to have parents who never questioned my ability to do anything I wanted to set my mind to. 

Was I lucky to get that job? No. Am I lucky to have my current business and life? Grateful yes. Lucky, no. These things didn't happen by accident, and we all create our own luck.