Alternative, Rockabilly and gender neutral pushchairs

I was buggy shopping today, and was not surprisingly a little frustrated at how gendered the options of prams were. The majority were pink or blue. and even I as someone who hates gendered colouring for children would struggle to buy a baby boy a pink stroller, so I decided to have a google about.

Is it just a fact that most parents want a blue or pink pram? 

So if you want an alternative pram,or a less obviously gendered colourway,you could test drive some of these buggies.


This green pear buggy is one of my favourites. Cute, but yet pretty gender neutral.

The bow on this nautical buggy may put some off for baby boys, but I'm not sure it should! This one has a rockabilly twang but it doesn't come cheap!

This is a little more basic, and the smiley faces come with a smaller price tag too.

This buggy design is more much modern, but definitely gender neutral!

This Cath Kidston pram is flowery but blue......would you be happy putting your new son in a flowery pram? Should it even be a question?

Are skulls more 'male'? Would you buy this for your baby girl?

Cats on your pushchair?

Is the ultimate rockabilly baby accessory a leopard print pram? It's pretty gnder neutral at least!