Alternative Hairdressers in London

I sometimes presume that all I talk about right now is my new salon Rockalily Cuts, but it seems there are still quite a few people who ask, 'ooh what salon??'.

So, a quick little update. In May 2012 I opened Rockalily Cuts in Hoxton, East London. We're basically on the borders of Shoreditch, Haggerston, Dalston and Old Street.

Rockalily Cuts is an alternative hairdressers, but we definitely don't only do alternative hair. I say that we specialise in making people feel awesome, and whether that is pink hair, a retro up-do or a regular trim, we can do it!

Lucie Luella is Rockalily Cut's Head Stylist, and her trademark cut is the Ivy League (think Donald Draper, or David Beckham) but she is qualified and trained in all modern cuts, colours and styling. You can definitely trust your do in her hands.