Alternative Fashion: The 'She's wearing fabulous clothes' Box

Apple, a fetish, glamour and horror model and burlesque performer (The Neon Temptress) talks to me about her alternative style.

1. Describe your style?

 I don't think I fit into any fashion box. I dress depending on my mood. The one thing I do not wear is jeans. I used to be very casual but last year I decided to glam things up every day. I love wearing skirts and dresses, leggings with great sweaters and high heels (or sassy boots) daily. I fit the 'She's Wearing Fabulous Clothes' box.

2. When did you start dressing in an alternative way? 

I think I've always dressed to please myself. As far back as high school I was one of those girls who would wear cowboy boots with shorts and everyone would look at me like I was crazy. I wasn't crazy, I was ahead of the trends. On one day I'll wear a wild 80's style dress with a fitted waist and big shoulder pads. On another a sporty jean skirt with knee boots and a black sweater like a new age Femme Fatale. My favorites are the 50's style wiggle dresses.

3. Who or where do you get style inspiration from?

I read about a dozen fashion magazines each month, from the US and the UK. I will find inspiration just about anywhere but I devour Nylon, Elle, UK Glamour, Vogue and some of the retro photo magazines like Retro Lovely, Bachelor Pad & Vicious Betty.

4. Describe a casual outfit and a going out outfit.

My favorite casual outfit: super short jean shorts, black tights, knee high platform leopard print suede boots and a tight black sweater. My favorite going out outfit: Leopard print pencil skirt, black underbust corset, red off the shoulder retro-repro shirt with high high heels. (I'm an underbust corset fiend!)

5. What about hair and make up?

For day-to-day I do what I call "pretty girl" make-up: foundation, powder, blush & bronzer (just a little), Cherry eyeshadow from Urban Decay with Midnight Cowboy in the crease, Kat Von D black liquid eyeliner in a pretty big slash across my eyelids with Trixie lipgloss.

Going out: I up the amount of eyeliner (if you can imagine that's possible) and add lip gloss in a really sparkly showgirl kind of red. Hair: whatever my mood feels like. Sometimes it's curls, sometimes it's braided, sometimes it's pigtails, sometimes I wear hair flowers... I change up the style and color a lot.

6. Where do you buy most of your clothes from? 

Vintage shops or from friends online.


7. What reactions do you get from people for looking the way you do?

Sometimes I do it for shock value and it usually works. Sometimes I get a bit sad because I know I look fabulous but because it's a different style people just don't get it. I flustered the sack boy at the grocery store last night because I was dressed up in a vintage coat trimmed in fur, high heels with stockings, full skirt, Sweatergirl sweater with lovely hair and make-up

8. Do you think you will change your style as you grow older? 

I think my style will change as I do. It grows and evolves. Not changing things up would be terribly boring!

9. Why do you dress differently to the mainstream? I've never really fit in... why start now?

10. If you had to dress in another style apart from your own, which would it be and why?

Probably even more glamorous because I love high glamour. I'd love to own more designer pieces (especially shoes).