Alternative Fashion: The Rockabilly Girl

Nadia, blogger at The Rockabilly Girl Next Door, talks to me about her rockabilly style.

1. Describe your style? 

I don't like putting my style in a box, but I look at myself as a rockabilly girl.

2. When did you start dressing in an alternative way? 

I started dressing differently when I moved away from home at the age of 18. When I lived at home I always felt that friends and other people around me would look at me and judge me, so I decided to change my style when I moved away. No one knew me and I could meet people with my new style. A fresh start.

Before I changed to the rockabilly style I was pretty normal in my way of dressing. Being a bigger girl never allowed me to follow the fashions, so I just looked pretty plain to be honest. I had my period with black clothes and black make up, without being too "goth", mainly to hide my body.

3. Who or where do you get style inspiration from?

It was a Texas burlesque dancer named Ili Jean who inspired me in the first place. She was curvy and beautiful, and she's such a sweetheart as well.

Now I take my inspiration from rockabilly and pin up models and performers, but I make sure not to copy them. I take inspiration and make it fit "me" and my personality.

4. Describe a casual outfit and a going out outfit.

A normal every day outfit for me would be jeans, a cute leopard top and a cardi. I can't wear heels due to a damaged ankle, so I normally wear Converse or flats.

If I'm going out, I would wear a nice polka dot dress or jeans with a more "dressed up" top or something. Where I live now, there's actually no pubs or anything (I know!) so I rarely go out unfortunately!

5. What about hair and make up?

My hair is bright red with black parts, and I have a cut in Bettie Page fringe. I often wear my hair in a bandana or just loose and curly. My fringe is present every day! My make up is very rockabilly. I draw on my eyebrows every day to make them look perfect, I have the winged black eyeliner and huge eyelashes. I often wear lipstick (Rockette Red of course) or a lip gloss to give my lips some color. I pretty much look the same every day!

6. Where do you buy most of your clothes from? I have items ranging from Collectif to Dolly Cool, from Topshop to Dorothy Perkins and Dunnes. I don't get my clothes from somewhere special. When I see a cardi or a pair of jeans I like, I buy them. I don't care about the brand or which shop it's from.

7. What reactions do you get from people for looking the way you do?

That's a good question. I lived in Belfast for a year, and I only got positive comments on my looks. I often saw other rockabilly people and I never felt like the odd one out. When I moved back to this tiny village on the western coast of Norway, I felt like the village freak. People stared and whispered. Now I just ignore them, if they have a problem with my style, well, that's tough. Maybe they're just jealous, I don't know. This is why I don't like (most) Norwegians' attitude, we are too busy judging others instead of being happy with ourselves. We're kind of stuck in time here I feel, but I am determined to keep my style because it makes ME happy. Every now and then I get a random comment on my hair, and that really brightens up my day! :)

8. Do you think you will change your style as you grow older? 

I think I'll keep my rockabilly style for as long as I can. I feel I can be me with this style, and I wouldn't change it for the world. It would probably be a bit more toned down when I get older, but I'm not going to end up like a grey mouse at age 40, hehe!

9. Why do you dress differently to the mainstream?

I don't wanna be like everyone else. I like being a bit "different".

10. If you had to dress in another style apart from your own, which would it be and why?

Hmm... If I had the chance to change my style for a day.. I'd like to try the beach look. Loose relaxed clothes, little make up and long salt water hair, sipping a drink from a coconut at a beach enjoying life! It just seems like a totally relaxed style.