Alternative Fashion: Psychobilly Girl

 I talked to Miss Honey Bare (Rockalily's favourite make up artist) about her alternative style

   Photographer: Terry Mendoza

1. Describe your style?

I don't like boxes but I mostly tick the pyschobilly/rockabilly one.

2. When did you start dressing in an alternative way?

I started dressing 50's style around the age of 14. I love Marilyn Monroe and used to wear capri pants and wedges a lot. I went through a vague hippy phase one summer and then the obligatory goth phase (but it was mostly quite retro with lots of black wiggle skirts and leopard print than lace and pvc). I stumbled upon a few Psychobilly bands not long after and realised that that's mostly the way I had been dressing. I had a name for it!

3. Who or where do you get style inspiration from?

My style inspiration comes from Marilyn Monroe, Jewellery designer Betony Vernon, Vivienne Westwood, Gwen Stefani...too many to list.

4. Describe a casual outfit and a going out outfit.

Casual: Pencil skirt, black tights, leopard print converse, zombie print vest, leopard print cardi, do-rag tied in hair. I'm a hair stylist and makeup artist so I need to blend into the background as well as be comfortable.

Going out: Wiggle skirt, off-the-shoulder top, seamed stockings, statement heels (sparkly/leopard print/massive bows etc) and lots of skull jewellery (my favorites being my 'Death from Above' ring and Sugar Skull pendant from The Great Frog).

5. What about hair and make up?

Hair and make-up is mostly 50's and 60's. Lots of back combing, hairspray, pins and I chuck in lots of hair accessories if I'm on a night out. I like bumper bangs and huge pomps. When my hair is a bit longer I do a few more 40's looks with it. As for make-up, for day time I will always have some form of cat eye and a defined brow. Red or pink lipstick. Night time is when I have lots of fun with it and throw on a slime green shadow, or a smutty black smokey eye. Glitter, gloss, dark lips, outrageous lashes, whatever I'm in the mood for.

6. Where do you buy most of your clothes from? 

I get my clothes from all over. High street, repro brands like CollectifVivien of Holloway, Darkwear (who do great printed tees and vests) , charity shops, vintage shops, stuff I've made or customised myself, friends etc.

7. What reactions do you get from people for looking the way you do? 

Mostly I just get stared at. I try not to pay too much attention, I'm so used to it. As Mae West said 'I'd rather be looked over than overlooked'. It's when people start talking about you as if you're not there, pointing etc that I get annoyed, manners cost nothing and I have feelings too! I've had people come up and tell me they hate tattoos on women or ask me why I have metal in my face because it's desecrating my body. So rude!

8. Do you think you will change your style as you grow older?

I have changed my style already as I have gotten older. Less ripped fishnets and mini kilts with New Rocks, less circle skirts and prom dresses...these days I prefer to slink. So for me it's all about the pencil skirt and wiggle dresses. I would love to dress more and more seductive as I get older. Women make the mistake of trying to dress and look younger as they age. They deny themselves the very real power of being a sophisticted femme fatale. A women who is 30+ years can get away with stuff that would look like playing dress-up on someone younger. Embrace your womanliness!

9. Why do you dress differently to the mainstream? 

I used to work in fashion, I'm a creative person and now I work with hair and make-up. I can get away with wearing what I like pretty much, being as tattooed and as pierced as I like. I don't feel comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans, trainers and a floaty top. I guess part of it is attention seeking, I'm not ashamed of that, I love the theatre and glamour of it. I also feel the need to express myself with what I wear. Plus, I'm just drawn to interesting and bizarre things. I have a pretty sick sense of humour and I guess that comes through in my outfits sometimes. Besides, life is far too short not to look, feel and be fabulous!

10. If you had to dress in another style apart from your own, which would it be and why? 

If I were to dress a different way, I would go for the full-on steam punk thing. Those guys are amazing, they make so much of the stuff they wear. It's just a bit too fiddly with for me to pull off everyday. I do have a few steampunk things but I don't think it suits my personality as much as skulls, zombies and leopard print does.