"Allow them to miss you" - A Mother's advice

Contrary to how this seems to sound to people when I tell them that my mother says "Allow them to miss you", this isn't her advocating playing games when dating.

It's simply a mantra to repeat to yourself when your fingers are itching to send that extra text, when you really know that you should hold off. 

This piece of advice marries with a second piece of dating instruction that my mother often shares with me. "Take Turns"

Turn taking largely relates to texting, but also to relationships in general I guess. My mother doesn't believe you should hold back for x-amount of  hours, or always wait for them to text first each morning, just that it should be in a general turn-taking pattern. She tells me off if I ever consider double-texting! He he.

If you text the person you fancy more than they text you, you won't make them  like you more than they already do. 

Just give them a chance to miss you ;-)