All of my tattoos

I've shown you mine - you show me yours! Apologies for the poor quality of photos, I took them quickly before battery died.

I know some people don't like putting photos of their tattoos on line, as they don't like to think of people copying their unique designs. But I know I love being nosy and looking at what people have done to their bodies, so here is my contribution for other nosy tattoo fans!


'Lucky' on my arm.



Small 'Sailor Jerry' bird from Las Vegas.




The black 'j' was my first ever tattoo, added the daffodil years later. This is on my hip.

This is one of two bits of Arabic I have tattooed. Wouldn't have them now but they meant a lot at the time.



 My thigh and my arm - butterflies and a peacock.










I love my poodle tattoo, but the cat needs fixing. The cat was an impulse partner to the poodle in Las Vegas, and you can see the poor quality of it.












This is on my wrist, and is my Dad's handwriting. Perhaps my most personal tattoo.

The Mr Happy tattoo is my most silly tattoo.


My shoulders.



My back. It has my second Arabic tattoo (vertically) and my second ever tattoo (the small weird black squiggle).


I would love to make my back tattoo (my first 'piece') more impressive and interesting, but the three visits it took to do what is there, were the worst tattoo trips I have ever had and am now way too scared to get much more on my back. The pain was stupid.

My arm.