All American Muslim - A refreshing challenge to stereotypes

Americans are not perhaps known worldwide for their....shall we Which is why I was pretty surprised to discover the TV show 'All American Muslim'.

The show launched in November 2011, and it followed the lives of five Muslim families, in a Muslim community in Dearborn (the largest in the USA).

This isn't a post about the rights or wrongs of religion, nor is it about cultural communities. Rather it is about stereotypes and prejudices in general. The tv show surprised me, as it challenges the common hatred that is still spread throughout the States.

We don't necessarily have to agree with each other's choices, but we can definitely try and understand them. 

Clearly I'm very far from perfect, but as I have grown up (!!) I have worked on being generally more forgiving and understanding of those who stress me, or confuse me. We all come from our own experiences, and most people just want the same things at the end of the day.

People are perhaps not always what they seem; I know that I definitely don't fit the boxes that I'm sometimes placed within.