Alex Clare at Somerset House

 Back in March, someone tweeted me that Alex Clare was performing in London in July, knowing that I adored his music. I snapped up two tickets, and waited patiently for four months. Yesterday the wait was over!

We arrived to Somerset House, and found a pop up bar outside, so grabbed a cocktail before we went in. We went for Berried Under (although I attempted to order a Berried Up mistakenly at the bar!).

We walked in (somehow managing to legitimately finding a very short queue compared to the main one) and gosh, what an awesome music venue.

We took our spot, pretty darn near the front, but it was so relaxed so no pushing or touching. I find music events quite stressful due to all the people crushing together, but this was just perfect.

The warm up act was Chloe Howl, and I actually really enjoyed her - some great bass lines.

But we were all there for Alex Clare, and he certainly didn't disappoint.

I loved it, the perfect mix of acoustic sing along and dubstep dancing and waving of hands. Bliss.

Have you heard of Alex? Take a listen to his yummy warm as honey voice.

Or have a dubstepy dance to this