Alex Clare at Shepherd's Bush Empire

Rather excitedly, I headed to Shepherd's Bush Empire to see Alex Clare, one of my favourite artists. I've seen him before, and instantly bought tickets again as soon as they went on sale. I'm not a massive live music fan, I'm not keen on the crowds, and not being able to see! However, luckily there aren't many people I like enough to be keen enough to get tickets to, but Alex Clare is definitely on that list! Another is Ed Sheeran, who I saw live again last month. 

The first warm-up act was D/C and they (he?) was bloody brilliant. I've looked on youtube, but they don't seem to have much on there yet! Really worth exploring though.

Alex Clare did not disappoint. I was right near the front, dancing like a crazy person (despite most people standing still!). 

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I envy people who can sing, there must be such joy in opening your mouth and having something joyous come out. I adore how much Alex enjoys singing too, it's written all over his face; he's very present.

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If you haven't checked out Alex's stuff, here are a few tasters for you to enjoy!