Afternoon Tea at Harrods - My very first cup of tea

I was lucky enough to be given a rather yummy gift from - afternoon tea at Harrods, so it seemed a perfect staff outing for the Rockalily Cuts family (well, Ellington had to stay at home, so it was me and Lucie Luella).

I've actually never tasted tea, so Harrods seemed like the perfect place to lose my cherry.

Lucie, had never been to Harrods, so I was keen to show her around, as its definitely a place I enjoy! We browsed the store, until it was time for our afternoon tea.

I asked the waiter for a good 'first ever' tea, and Lucie wanted the strongest tea. They suggested that I have the Georgian Blend, and Lucie the Assam Gold Rush.

Here I am, taking my very first sip of tea! I found it like a watery, leafy coffee I guess!

Here is Lucie, before we attacked the food! You get sandwiches, scones and a selection of mini cakes. I asked our waiter which sandwiches were vegetarian and he immediately offered to bring out a wider selection for me. Impressive.

We managed to pretty much demolish the food!

Our joint favourite were the scones. Literally the best scones we'd tasted. Lucie says she will never be able to eat scones from anywhere else. Ever. I ate two of the beasts.

Overall, we were impressed with the service, and thought the food was delicious - all very fresh. It would have cost us £29 each, and both of us agreed it would have been worth it. You can upgrade to include a glass of champagne too.