Achieving two life goals this year

life goal reeree purple hair

At the start of the year I made changes in my life, and set myself some new life goals for the upcoming 12 months. I wanted to be debt free and book a holiday.

I've run a business for over 5 years, and sadly doing so brings with it a certain level of debt. I finally felt ready to really try and clear it. I've not been on holiday for 3.5 years, and gosh I've been envious of everyone who has!

Well this weekend I'm off to Bali. And yup, I cleared my debt last month. 

I just wanted to pause, and take a moment to celebrate my two little achievements. It's been a tough year and I've worked hard. But I made it. Almost feels surreal.

So it's my first holiday in a very long time, and I'm bloody excited! I haven't taken a two week holiday since I was a teenager (as an adult I've only been for a week at a time) and I've never been to anywhere like Bali. 

I've ordered swimsuits, sun dresses and bought a new sun hat. Bali watch out, I'm coming for you.