My new bullet journal and the perfect bullet journal stickers

new bullet journal.jpg

You may have heard about bullet journals, whether via me or the internet world in general, but they've really helped me feel like I control my life, rather than it controlling me. Well, step back, make way, and welcome my brand new bullet journal.

I wrote last month about having used a bullet journal for a year, and how I've adapted and grown with it. They're really flexible and can be whatever your life requires from it. I won't repeat what I wrote there, so go and have a gander if you're interested in how bullet journals work.

In that last post I also lamented at how hard I was finding it to find the right journal for my bullet journal number 3. I want cute pages, but it needs to fit in my handbag. I'm not a fan of lined paper either. But I finally found it. Joanna Basford's Secret Garden Journal, which has plain pages with a small illustration on each spread.

Not only was I super excited to receive the new journal (because a new diary means the start of a new chapter), but I ordered some bullet journal appropriate stickers too. And who doesn't love stickers?

Oooh stickers.....I was so excited to open this package, you wouldn't believe. Or maybe you would.....stickers are darned exciting.

Gold stickers are hard to photograph but you get they idea! These are from Me & My Big Ideas , and colourful ones pictured above are also from them and can be found here. The small booklet is from La De Dah  (not actually stickers) and Grace Taylor

the happy planner

I'm still waiting for the delivery of this set too! I definitely got excited ordering them!