A year on....my weight loss (change)....now what?

A year on, my body isn't perfect (which body ever is?!) but I've actually stuck at a healthy lifestyle for a full year. I've never eaten so well! I've been pretty overwhelmed at messages from people who say, that in some way, the fact I've shared my progress has influenced them to make their own changes too. That's pretty incredible. I use a lot of other people's progress to motivate me, so I feel pretty honoured that some people get the same motivation from watching mine.

My body was actually a bit stronger in the summer; I was at the gym more, and summer is of course the easiest time to stay on track, but I'm still pretty pleased, looking back, that I'm still in a different place than I was this time last year.

This year I'd like to develop more strength and muscle definition. Not body building by any stretch of the imagination, just a good core strength. I'd also like to continue trying to explore myself becoming a runner. I've been running a bit recently, and for the first time ever, sort of enjoying it.