A year in the life......lipsticks, wonderful women and ReeRee

A year ago on Christmas day, having lunch with my family. My pink hair was quite hard work, but I do miss the 'fun' it brought with it!

Wonderful Women: Minding Our Own Business really started finding its feet in 2011, and the group of women that were attending the meetings were varied and awesome. It definitely felt like something amazing was happening for all of us.

Feburary was the very first Rockalily Lipstick photoshoot! It really felt like the Rockalily plan was coming together! I had such a great day, with a great bunch of ladies.

March was the month leading up until launching Rockalily Lipsticks, and I was working hard on preparing, networking and promoting. 

April was launch month! Definitely a time for celebration!

It was time for a new tattoo! This one was to celebrate the journey I had embarked on, and my commitment to making my business work. I was so pleased with how it turned out.

In June Rockalily sponsored an event at Chinawhite and it proved a great excuse to have a party!

Chap Olympiad month! One my favourite events of the year! The Chap Olympiad was a wash out this year, but I still adored spending the day with people dressed to impress.

 In August I faced one of my own fears and took part in a video about wearing the perfect red lipstick with Glossybox

September was an impulsive month! I was at the London Tattoo Convention and got my knuckles tattooed!

October was a good month for achieving goals! This photo is me doing an underwear shoot in More Magazine which was certainly a personal challenge! Luckily I was pleased with the end result! Phew!

November was my first public outing as a guest blogger speaker. The event was hosted by The Secluded BlogFest (otherwise known as The Secluded Tea Party) and I had a great time!

And we end with the Wonderful Women Christmas Party - what a fab way to celebrate the year we have shared!

I have had a blast in 2011 and am itching to get going in 2012. Without sounding soppy, thank you to everyone who has bought a lippy, read my blog, or interacted with me on Twitter and Facebook. It would be pretty dull without all of you!