A weekend away in Suffolk

This weekend me and my mates headed to the Suffolk coast for a girls' weekend away. Now it may not be quite the same as a beach holiday in Greece, or a city break in Barcelona, but I haven't had a holiday yet this year, so tried to embrace it for all it could be!

I was born and raised in London, and definitely love the buzz of a city, but a little English village can still prove pretty sweet. I particularly enjoyed the architecture of Southwold Pier, definitely the most deliciously branded pier I've ever seen.

Despite being rather low-carb, I couldn't not eat some seaside chips could I!? I'm a tons of vinegar girl, and they didn't disappoint. The difference though was that I shared a bag, rather than having a whole bag like I perhaps would have done before.

The beach was so cute, it had hundreds of colourful beach huts, many of which had whole kitchens inside! I'm not sure I'd need a whole kitchen, but I can definitely see the appeal of a kettle and a fridge while enjoying a day at the beach.

I've not actually really picked fruit before, which really seemed to surprise my friends. You should have seen their faces when I said that these were the first blackberries I'd even eaten! I explained that I didn't really come from a fruit-picking family, the fruit I ate as a child wasn't very exotic, mainly apples  and bananas I'd say! As an adult I've been working on diversifying my palette!

We also got our hands dirty digging up our dinner. We dug out potatos (which we roasted), carrots and cabbage (for a coleslaw), as well as  onions and tomatos (for a salad). We used the rhubarb for a crumble. If you follow me on instagram you may well know I'm not a natural cook,  but luckily for me, I was only in charge of the salad. I won't mention the scary earwig that emerged from the cabbage, nor will I mention our less-than-brave response to it.

While we were fruit picking, we found an empty park, complete with mini zip wire, swings and see-saw. We obviously all had a go, and then decided to see if we could summon any amount of arm strength to do the monkey bars. Two of us tried, and failed, simply unable to move our arm to the next bar. However, we then saw our friend complete the whole set, and it got me  thinking. Maybe it doesn't just need strength, but it just needs to the willingness to let go, and trust that it will be possible. To ignore the fear of lifting the hand off of the bar to reach forward to grasp the next.

I tried again, and managed to move a single hand, before dropping. I wasn't ready to give up just yet, and after a quick hand rub, I tried again. I didn't manage to get all the way over, but  I definitely did about four monkey bars. A mini lesson for life I guess; sometimes what we think is holding us back, isn't the actual stumbling block at all.