A test of your own happiness

Happiness and joy doesn't not exist in a jar, with people taking and refilling it as they go. There is not an infinite amount that we need to ration between ourselves. If you are happy, I can still be happy. If you have found love, I am not less likely to find mine.

I believe that what we seek, we shall find, and therefore filling our thoughts and experiences with happiness and joy mean that these will be returned to us. Is that all a tad mumbo-jumbo?!

Ha ha, I guess I simply mean that if you allow your mind to think bitter, jealous, envious or sad thoughts, then those are the emotions that you will live with. If you can find reasons to celebrate, to be glad and to fill our minds with seeing the best in people, then you in turn will feel happy. It's a win win!

Celebrating good news, or the love that others have found, acts as a lovely reminder to us. Proof that it is all possible for us too. 

How do you feel when you hear that your friend is dating someone she finds simply dreamy? Or someone gets a dream job? Is your emotional reaction different depending on your own relationship or employment status? Or have you managed to embrace your happiness and rejoice in others?