A surprise solution to my congested skin

This past year my skin has really started behaving differently. Yes I may be in my 30s, but it was a regular occurrence that I'd be sleeping in my makeup. I never experienced any negative reactions to this, apart from dirty pillow cases. However this year I noticed one cheek in particular (my right one!) had become really congested.

This resulted in a red cheek, with raised bumps under the skin, sometimes surfacing as little white heads. They covered pretty well with my foundation, but the bumps were still visible, and it was just on that one cheek.

So I got stricter with my facial cleansing again, using my trusted Liz Earle cleanse and polish. The congestion settled, but if I fell asleep in makeup it'd instantly be back.

I recently judged a hair contest with Nicky Clarke and when I was there I got gifted some items from Tesco, as they stock his new hair range. Within the bag was this Pro Formula For Men Cooling Face Scrub (RRP of a bargain £2).

Firstly, I've fallen in love with using men's products, the smell is so fresh each day, I've even started getting men's shower gel recently too! Secondly, I'd never have expected such a random product to have solved my congestion issues.

I've been using this almost daily, and my congestion has gone again. I must warn you though, I'm sure it's not advised to use a scrub daily, and my skin is definitely super dry right now, as I haven't been moisurising enough to balance out the scrubbing. Around my nose I've got that rough skin similar to when you've had to blow your nose too often. But I don't care! My skin is lovely and clear again, so I'll carry on using it, but restore some balance with some lovely masks and creams. Woohoo for clearer skin again!