A small prick ..... continued

Since posting about my experience of being pricked by a stage needle I have had a lot of online support from the burly world.

I have had a mixture of advice. The initial advice from two performers was to do nothing. I then had people online advise me to book in with a GP, to rush to A&E as well as thought-provoking discussions on legal responsibilities, health and safety, risk assessments and performers' integrity.

Taking all of that onboard, I decided to pop to A&E. I got seen by the admitting nurse after about 45 mins, who struggled to understand/believe my story. Rather than try and explain burlesque, I said I worked in the theatre. She thought I was a nurse. No, I explained, not that sort of theatre. I tried explaining the reason I picked needles up was because they looked like feathers, so I hadn't realised they were needles. The poor nurse thought I meant real/diseased bird feathers, as opposed to pretty stage ones.

So I went back to take my seat and wait for the doctor. Got called after about another 45 mins. I explained my situation again, and he said as the needle had been in someone else's body he wanted to add me to a different list, so more investigations could be done.

Out I go again, to take my seat. I get called 3 and a half hours after my initial arrival. He walks me in quickly, gets me to explain again, and asks a few more questions. Was the person who owned the needle with me in A&E? Was the person who owned the needle male or female? Black or white? Did they look healthy (!!)? Had I had my Hepatitis jabs?

He told me that the performer was right to tell me to do nothing. So off I walked.....what a waste of a morning!