A Rockabilly Christmas (Choosing who you spend Christmas with)

This year I didn't spend Christmas day with my family. Now despite my mother waxing lyrical about it showing I'm a true grown up, it actually isn't the first time I haven't been with my Mother for Christmas. She seemed to forget the Christmas day I spent in India, or the Christmas day I worked, and the one I spent with my cousin and her family, as well as the Christmas I spent with a boyfriend. Anyhow, this Christmas was a first Christmas I spent with friends. 

We started with bucks fizz, which is of course how any rockabilly christmas should start. I did arrive a tad early, as I was bored at home alone, so both my hosts weren't quite ready for me, but luckily I can amuse myself!

We were rather excited, and started the day with present swapping and a short walk to pick up the few things we needed still for Christmas lunch.

Now, I can rock an apron (one of my gifts for Pip Jolley, my host) but I do not cook. Ever. This picture was merely posing on request of Ryan to model the apron. I didn't contribute to the cooking in anyway.

The table was set, we felt all grown up and respectable, and dinner began!

The day may have ended with a cheese board, wine, an online QI winter quiz and David Attenborough on the tv. Sadly I didn't win the quiz, but I reckon I was a pretty good quiz master.

Who did you spend Christmas with? Have you ever spent it with friends rather than family?

Luckily my mother lives close by, so I did manage to pop round after dinner, before the cheese board! Best of both worlds I guess!