A photo shoot and the 39 Steps 4th Birthday Party

Yesterday I had such a fabulous day, if only it were the kind of day we could live every day! In the afternoon I had a photo shoot with Carole Evans who is creating a project based on 1940s' portraits. I had the pleasure of sharing the shooting time with Fleur De Guerre (if you are haven't read her blog 'Diary of a Vintage Girl' where have you been?!).


After the shoot Fleur and I made our way to the 39 Steps 4th Birthday Party. We were helping Naomi (from Vintage Secret) with the party, having seen the play before. Our production line of vintage ladies making cucumber sandwiches was a classic triumph, even despite the hiccup of using a tray from the green room kitchen to hold sandwiches, just to be told that it was prop needed in the play (cue a super quick moving of all of our sandwiches). How stupid of us to not to realise that a tray in a kitchen was actually a crucial prop!

The party looked great, all down to Naomi, Angel from The Vintage Patisserie, and Will. We had particular fun adding moustache stickers to the wall tiles and pictures. I didn't get to eat a cake (bit dangerous with red lipstick on!) but I did have a few free vodka and ice teas.

I met many faces I knew, and some news ones too. I have to say, that in my experience, the vintage/retro crowd are always so lovely, and I have yet to meet anyone who isn't lovely. It's always a great night out, and last night didn't disappoint.

The only down side was that it was stupidly hot. Melting hot. Some smart ladies had fans, and I somehow acquired a fan, which helped, but the heat did make it hard to focus.

I didn't take any photos, here are some to give you the idea of how awesome everyone looked :

The Vintage Guide to London