A normal working day....what's one of those?


My day today started with a mini business catch-up with Miss Honey Bare, as she had some techy questions to double check with me. I love that I have started a mini trend with the Wonderful Women for executive folders. Here are mine and Miss Bare's!

Then I was off to The Powder Rooms in Soho.....Rockalily means that most of business revolves around interesting and glamorous places! Lucky me!


I then had a spare moment, and being so near to Frith Street Tattoo shop, it seemed rude not to pop in. I ended up taking a cancellation spot with Stewart Robson. Whoops! Watch this space for my very own Rockalily Lipstick inspired tattoo. It is not in his usual tattoo style, so it will be interesting to see how it turns out!

The rest of the day involved a coffee with a dear friend, a trip to the library to do some research for an article I am writing and some charity shops (picked up a cute Rockabilly dress for a fiver).

I love my job!