A night out in Brick Lane and Old Street (East London)

where to go in brick lane

We started at Casa Blue, a bar filled with red velvet booths and rather odd red lighting. It wasn't super busy, and they offered to bring drinks to our table, which is always a nice touch. This places seems popular with groups of friends as they do fishbowl cocktails (£30 for 4 people). I always appreciate a place that uses real espresso in their espresso martini too.

Onwards to The Well and Bucket, a curious blend of pub and oyster bar. The walls are beautiful, which give the place a really cool atmosphere. There's a somewhat secret downstairs bar too, with low brick ceilings, perfect for a good 3rd date. We did end up laughing rather a lot at the service we received; white wine that was warm, followed by a man responding to our request to ice cubes in the glass by scooping a handful of ice with his fingers and placing them in the glass. Whoops!

We left the Brick Lane area and headed towards Old Street, to The Electricity Showrooms. They were asking for ID, and were happy to settle for seeing a debit card, which I'm not sure proves anything?! We sat upstairs for a bit, before deciding to head to the dance floor downstairs, pretty confident that they'd be playing something fun (it was a Saturday night after all). We were proved wrong when we heard what I can only describe as disco salsa. A really surreal choice for the busiest night of the year. We couldn't find our joy to disco, so we swiftly headed back to street level.

Turns out some places work on a strict ID only basis on Saturdays round here, so we go refused entry from 333 Mother (I don't drive and now I'm in my 30s I don't think to carry my passport). So we decided to try the area of Hoxton Square. 

We decided upon Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, and their late night called Suck My Beat. There is the main bar section, but then a mini club space at the back, playing different music to the bar, and everyone dances. It was a really fun blend of Hip Hop and House, and we enjoyed having a boogie.

As I left to start walking home, the straps on my shoes completely broke, leaving me to walk home barefoot. At least I'm grateful it happened right at the end of the night!

What night out in Brick Lane would be complete without a 2am visit to one of the infamous bagel shops? There are two rival bagel shops, a few doors apart, both old school 24 hours family owned stores. They seem as if they decor nor the pricing have been updated in 25 years. There is Beigel Shop and Beigel Bake. Last year I went on a food tour of East London, which included a visit to Beigel Bake, so this time I tried Beigel Shop. As I follow a largely low-carb lifestyle/diet I don't usually eat bagels, but I decided to throw myself into the Brick Lane experience. I went for a simple boiled egg bagel, which was a retro price of 90p. No "trendy hipster" pricing here.