A lovely chat in a bookshop

As a soon-to-be-ex-school librarian I read an awful lof of teen fiction. My current favourite which I recommend to all students and adults I meet is The Hunger Games trilogy. Book three came out yesterday.

Today I went to buy it, and couldn't locate it on the shelf. I asked at the desk where they advised me there were four on their system that should be in stock. Off I wander to look for them. I noticed a man reading the only other Suzanne Collins book on the shelf, which was book two in the Hunger Games series.

It turned out that he found the book on the street randomly and loved it. He couldn't believe it was a teen book, I confirmed that so much teen fiction these days is of such a high quality. He said it was very violent for a children's book, but I said I'd rather they read the book than watch Eastenders!

He went off to buy the book (I couldn't find book three) and he asked what happens in it.....I stage whispered an exciting element of the next stage in the story, which shocked (in a good way) him, and off he scuttled to buy the book.

I just love how a book can bridge people. I have recommended the book to so many people, even people on facebook from across the pond, all of whom have said they loved it.

I have recently stopped listening to music when I am out and about, and this conversation is partly why - if you have your earphones in you are not open to random conversations with the world.