A lady what lunches......business meetings, food and girdles.

I had a lovely day today, two meetings in town with two wonderful women (Wonderful Women Minding Our Own Business). Lunch was in Leicester Square, so I wandered around Covent Garden a little.


Whenever I pop in Covent Garden I always visit the David and Goliath store, and today I spotted something new. Shoes! I can't find them on the website but they are converse-style shoes. I would like a pair please!




I also stumbled across a Ferrero Rocher christmas tree! You were free to take chocolates from it. I managed to refrain from free chocolate as I'm not a massive fan of Ferrero Rochers anyhow. A nice marketing idea though!


My first lunch was a falafel burger with some nice wine








I then  walked about London on my way to my dinner meeting. Now, I adore London. Sometimes London blows me away, and I'm always trippping over myself from looking up (towards the buildings).




Why are there so many buildings with bricked up windows? Answers on a postcard please.







I stared up at this building for a while, imagining a time when servants would be living in those attic rooms (I think!). Such grand buildings - look up Londoners!







I also love old ghost signs and adverts on buildings. See an older blog post here. London is full of them. Marylebone Central National School seems to be at early Victorian (1844 at least).

 My dinner meeting was at Yo Sushi ( we are a veggie and a vegan and it fits us both well).


Today was my first day wearing a girdle all day. I had treated myself to a Stockings and Romance girdle while working at Erotica and gave it a test run today. I bought the Illusion Long Line Girdle, which is based on an original design of a 40s/50s girdle.

I had found it a little odd that no matter how hard I pressed the guy for a measurement in inches, he wouldn't/couldn't give me them, and said they just come in sizes, and he recommended a Medium for me. However when I looked at it at home, the label says Medium 27/28 inches.......odd.

The clips lasted all day - stockings were held firmly. It held my back nice and straight, but I was able to eat two large meals and feel fine, so I didn't get the discomfort I would expect from wearing a corset all day.