A day in the life at Rockalily Cuts


I tried to take some photos yesterday, but didn't manage to get pictures of everyone who came in! But it does give a flavour of our day!

Here is Ellington, the shop dog. You can just see his aqua colour bed by my feet, where he can found chilling most of the day. He will sometimes ask to come and sit on my lap, and he rather oddly likes to sit with his feet on the desk, as if he's ready for work!


This gentleman arrived on an awesome tandem bike, and he needed his haircut rescuing. Lucie Luella worked her magic and he walked out without the hat in came in with!

Donald Draper was the inspiration for this gentleman's cut, although we did have a debate about whether he can be a role model or not! We agreed happily that his style certainly could be! I don't have a picture of the end result, but you'll have to trust me that it looks super suave!

A mohawk type haircut next! Lucie was excited to get her hands on this one!

We're loving all of the local faces that pop in to say hello, and chilling out with a cuppa and a teacake.

So, do let me know if you fancy booking an appointment, and maybe we can get your pretty face on the blog too!