A Christmas Tree Run in January with GoodGym

Last night was a run with a difference. I signed up for another Good Gym run, after not joining in for a few months (I hate winter running). Good Gym is a charity that mixes getting fit with doing good for the community. You are taken on a run by a trainer, complete a physical task half way through, and then run back. Tasks I've completed include gardening for a community project, moving compost for a community garden, painting papermache for a charity float etc.

The task planned for last night's run was cleaning up a community garden project but the area had become flooded with rain. So our trainer came up with an impulsive challenge after seeing a poster for a community garden wanting old christmas trees. It seems they're creating a nature habitat.

Our task was to spot discarded trees on our run, and then carry them with us! We ended up with 25 people carrying 14 trees. We must have looked quite the sight!

It definitely made the run pretty challenging, but by gosh it gave me a good work out. In total we ran about 6km I believe, although my tracker stopped working so I don't know exactly. Who said fitness was dull?