A bralette for plus sized boobs? (Ft. Tutti Rouge)

bralette for plus size boobs

I've written a lot recently about how my body has become larger, and how I'm dealing with my mixed feelings about it. In more practical ways, the challenges have been that most of clothes don't fit. That includes bras. All of my my lovely bras are now too small, and it's all rather depressing. My boobs have always been large, and so when I gain weight, they've balloon again. I'm currently in about 32FF (in Freya) but don't fit into my favourite 34DD from La Senza. 

The current trend for pretty bralettes has therefore passed me by. I presumed I couldn't wear a bralette, how on earth could these bad boys be contained by some pretty lace??

Well, Tutti Rouge heard my sobs, and were convinced they could show me a bralette that would work for me. They sent me a bralette in size M/1 (it goes up to XXXL). I was hesident at first, nervous that I'd be stuck holding my boobs up going down stairs, or be left with an aching chest by the end of the evening....but by gosh....it works. 

I've been wearing it tons, and it really has converted me to the idea that I don't always need underwire, and gosh I haven't bought a non-wired bra that wasn't for sports since I was about 12. I'll definitely be buying some more.