Iconic London Pro Evo Sculpt Brush Review

Up until last month I've been a happy 'apply-with-fingers' foundation kind of woman. However, as I've entered the world of more hardcore foundations, I've found the finish just wasn't very good. It would get patchy and separate on my skin, despite moisturising and using a primer.

So I started using a Real Techniques sponge, and have definitely noticed an improvement in application. I got offered an Iconic London Pro Evo Sculpt Brush, and was keen to see if a £32.99 brush would be worth the hype. As ever, this was sent to me, but my opinions are my own.

pro evo brush review

Now, granted, technically this isn't a foundation brush, its a brush for contouring but I'm a rule breaker....so here goes.

I started by applying  some Urban Decay All-Nighter foundation onto my face, ready for buffing in. You can see in this photo my most challenging area - my cheek has a type of acne roscacea, which is a permanent red and bumpy area. I buffed the foundation on, and loved how soft the bristles are.

Ha ha, I got a little carried away, and smudged a lot of my eye makeup with the brush. It is certainly harder to control a large brush rather than a sponge or fingers, but I'm sure I won't make the error in judgement again!

I applied my eyebrows and blush and I'm good to go. I was really happy with the application. It made the cream have an almost powder appearance (which I like). It didn't clump, and was really quick to use. I'm going to use it for a few days, see how it wears, and how easy it is to keep the brush clean. So watch this space, I'll add some more notes in a few days!

I bought more Crocs. They're not as hideous as you'd think.

crocs review 2017

I wear Crocs. I shared two years ago when I bought these black shoes, which are still going strong! I also bought two more pairs two years ago, some rainbow heels and some green ballet flats.

crocs heels 2017

I have chronic back issues. I can't sit in chairs really (I have to use a kneeling chair to work from), and I have to manage my body around it. But such is life. So I stay away from heels. Heels hurt most people, but they hurt my back more than they hurt my feet. I just realised that men don't hobble around in painful shoes, suffering for their beauty, and so I should refuse to too. Life is too short to have shoes that hurt.

Anyhow, I've loved my black Crocs for two years (everyone is always amazed when I tell people they are Crocs) and I decided to treat myself to some new ones for 2017. 

crocs Womens Isabella Sandal

You can see they don't have that clunky Crocs sole, and after 3 days of cutting in at the back, they've softened up to as bouncey as my black ones, and I'm happily marching about in them. They give my back just the support it needs, I recently bought some flat shoes after being refused entry to The Ritz and they're hideous for me to wear.  Just no support going on.

Crocs may not be super cool, but having uncomfortable shoes isn't an ace idea either. 

Try and be kinder.

Social media gives us all a voice, to be heard and get validated. It also gives us insight into how other people think, and how they make their choices. What I find sad, is how quick some people seem to be to jump to the worst conclusion, to one that places them up above everyone else.

Let me give an example. Someone on twitter shares that a friend has let them down. Or a customer was rude. Or a client cancelled an appointment. There seems to be a quick leap to, "Fuck them,", "They're not worth your time,", "You deserve better."

What I wish more people could remember, is that most people are fighting their own battle. The battle may be massive like a family member being terminally ill, or smaller like a relationship breakdown. Perhaps they've just had a horrible meeting with their boss, or haven't slept a wink due to a new baby. Or maybe they feel trapped in a job they hate, or live in a place they feel uncomfortable in. Life gets shitty, and it gets hard.

I'm not advocating being a doormat, and letting people treat you like crap. Boundaries should be set. However there is a big difference to seeing "That person let me down because they're overwhelmed right now," and "Everyone lets me down. What's wrong with them, and what's wrong with me?". 

When in doubt, choose kindness. It doesn't even matter if its true. Maybe that person is really just a bitch. But filling your own brain with more positive and understanding thoughts is never a bad choice. You'll start seeing more good in the world. Cheesey and lame perhaps but it doesn't mean it isn't true.

As an aside, I've been a little sadder recently. Nothing dramatic, but enough that I have less to share online at the moment. I cry a little more often. I don't need sympathy, I'm just sharing to remind people that life gets hard sometimes, and we don't always know about it. We're all rocking to work, slapping on make up and getting on with life. Life is just like that sometimes. It always passes, and we always bounce back. So maybe that person who barges you on the bus is just having a really shitty time. They're lost in their own thoughts. Maybe that person who cancels their appointment just feels like they don't quite have the energy or they just forgot. Their brain feels a little too full. Sadness doesn't excuse bad behaviour, but it can allow a bit of forgiveness.

Super Quick Bumper Bang Rockabilly Hair Tutorial

rockalily bumper bang tutorial

Recently I've started to find my inner badass again. I got a little lax with my dress, but I've always believed how we dress massively impacts how we feel. I was feeling overwhelmed and I'd gained weight. So I dressed more casual. I felt more casual. But slowly "Vegas Ree" is returning. The bumper bang is a small but critical return to dressing how I feel best. It makes quick and casual hair look killer instead!

I was asked how I do a bumper bang, so I instagram-storied it. I was amazed at how many messages I got from women saying they found it really useful and wanted to give it a go, so I decided to save it to Youtube to make it live longer than 24 hours.

I know you're not meant to double-dip like that, but sod it. I break rules. So here it is, my instagram story on youtube. Sue me.

Rainbow hair in London - What to expect!

Dreaming of rainbow hair? Of embracing your inner unicorn? Always wanted to try mermaid hair? The trend for vivids (rainbow colours) isn't going anywhere, so we're here to answer your burning questions, and help you prepare for your next hair adventure!

1. Unless you're blessed with very light hair, your hair will need bleaching before your rainbow colour can be applied. This means your hair will need to be in good enough condition to take some bleaching. Olaplex in your bleach definitely helps (we love it here at Rockalily Cuts) but it isn't a magic wand.

2. Our hair never forgets, so that black dye you had on it 3 years ago will rear it's ugly head during the lifting process. The end result will depend on how light your hair lifts, you may have to go with bolder colours at first, as your hair may not be light enough for pastels.

3. The colour will fade, and rub off onto things. Some colours are better than others for this, but generally you'll have to embrace some colour on your pillow cases and white shirts. This isn't acceptable for some people, but I just embrace it, the fun colours are worth it!

4. The colours will change as you wash them. If you want them to last as long as possible, use cooler water, and a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. Wash your hair less often. A lot of our customers manage once a week. Dry shampoo will become your friend.

5. You can top up your vivids by adding some into your conditioner, and applying in the shower. We'll always advise you during your appointment about this.

If you have any questions about booking an appointment for rainbow hair, do feel free to reach out and get in touch!      



How I'm returning to eating better (my clothes don't fit)

Years ago I changed my relationship with food, lost some weight and got fitter. I felt great, and I loved how free I felt. I focused on nourishment, and my body felt like my own. It took work, but actually once it'd snapped into place it felt oddly easy. I never felt deprived, and generally found it simple to just keep repeating the choices I wanted to make.

I maintained my low-carb food choices for a couple of years, but it slipped away from me. I don't eat terribly, I'm not eating crisps and chocolate every day. My vegetable intake is still pretty ok. However, what with having a relationship, changing my life patterns and just taking my eye off the ball, I'm not eating how I'd like to be.

I've stuck with the gym, not always consistently, but regularly enough that I count myself as a gym go-er, but you can't out-run a bad diet. And I've been slipping too many treats in for my liking.

My clothes don't fit.

Ugh. They don't do up, and I'm feeling a little lame about it. So, it's time to rediscover my love of the right foods for me. It's time to rediscover that stodgy foods aren't a 'treat'. Not fitting into my clothes isn't a treat.

So I've been working on falling back to where I was happiest. Habits are really hard to break, but there is a way that works for me. One choice at a time. Each meal just reminding myself that I just want to make my right choice, this once. Taking small chunks of decisions, not massive ones. One meal at a time. Buying dinner it means I just have to worry about one choice, right now. Without getting overwhelmed.

So far, so good. I'm giving up the cereal again (my favourite and main treat) and refocusing on eating whole foods, and low-carb. I find focusing on nutrition works for me, so white foods tend to carry very little nutrition, so I stay away. I'm also waving bye to wine again, which crept back in. Back to vodka. Not that I drink much! But still.

Our bodies and our food and exercise choices are ours to make. We all deserve to feel however we want to feel, and we owe health, size or strength to no one. Happiness and joy isn't reserved for a certain body type. Just in case you wondered.

I got chucked out of The Ritz.

Well....I sort of did. But apparently this is how we write blog titles these days. Soz about that. 

I was off for a family birthday at The Ritz, to celebrate with afternoon tea. I didn't arrange the booking, and honestly didn't give my plans too much thought. Found a dress I liked ('cos you don't wear jeans to afternoon tea) and off I went.

We arrived, and the doormen swiftly told me that there was a strict code of "No Trainers." He advised me that they had shoes they could loan out, but gosh no thank you. So it was time to find a pair of shoes nearby and with haste.

Managed to find a Cath Kidston store, and within all of the baseball shoes, I found these flats in their sale. Sold!

So I rushed back, made it in time, and enjoyed our afternoon tea. I'm not against places having a dress code, I just honestly wear the same shoes every day (they give my back good support and my damaged ankle doesn't move about too much in them), however what seemed odd was that people were allowed to wear boots. Very casual, and vaguely scruffy boots. Just not trainers (mine were all black, including laces). Anyhow, their house their rules I guess.

Afternoon tea is a rather odd concept really. You pay quite a lot of money (for the plush surroundings largely) and then you eat a ridiculous amount of food. Some sandwiches, fine, then scones (plural) and then cakes. Then an extra round of cake. When did we sit down to eat three rounds of cake? My teeth felt pretty furry by the end!

We enjoyed the pianist playing happy birthday and bringing out a cake for our table, which had a lovely (and very polite) applause from the other tables, which is pretty cool. And I ate a ton of food. Blimey. A ton of food. And I now own some new pumps. With houses on them.