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Street Harassment - Hollaback London!

Following on from my ranting on twitter about Eamonn Holmes using victim blaming language on This Morning (telling a rape victim that he hoped she would take taxis home from now on) I experienced some nasty street harassment.

I was at the bus stop at about 7pm, and noticed a man looking at me as he was on the phone. Now I sometimes do get looked at due to how I look, but it definitely felt a little more creepy than usual. However he walked away from the bus stop (looking back at me) so I didn't think much more about it.

He walked back towards me at the bus stop, and came close. I really thought he was about to snatch my phone, and my heart was racing. He whispered loudly 'I like your pussy'. But walked away. I was actually more relieved that i had my phone, but I was shaking.

I could see the bus finally coming, and I moved towards the curb. As I was about to board the bus, he came up behind me again, and whispered loudly at my, 'I want to fuck your pussy'. I boarded the bus, and checked he hadn't got on with me.

I was shaking but fuming with anger. Anyone who follows me on twitter would have seen my anger! How dare he make me scared like that?!

It reminded me of an awesome campaign - Hollaback

There is also Stop Street Harassment which is full of scary statistics like, ''In a 2008 study of 811 women conducted by Stop Street Harassment, almost 1 in 4 women had experienced street harassment by age 12 (7th grade) and nearly 90% by age 19.''

I have the right to walk down the street and feel safe. Street harassment limits women’s peace of mind and freedom. It matters.


Rockalily Style: From Day till Night

I am out all day today, and am going straight out for a burlesque night after. I think this little outfit will carry me through!

I'm wearing a vintage purple hat, with my vintage blue glasses. I'm wearing Sailors Beware lippy.

The dress is a Collectif one (I removed the decorative buttons from it). I've added a mustard belt, but may well take it off later as it does pop off rather a lot!

My little leopard print pumps are from Gap.


Rockalily Style: Pin-Up Punk

I am calling my outfit today'Pin-Up Punk'. I've got my Oasis Leather-like Denim Jeans, an 80's Punk Band t-shirt, and Converse trainers. I have softened the look with a polka dot belt and polka dot bandana.

I am wearing Man's Ruin Lipstick.


Rockabilly and Vintage Style Bags on the High Street

Accessories are simply fabulous. They always fit, and they can transform clothes you already own. They can make an outfit smarter, more stylish, and more unique. They last, and you can dig them out seasons later and enjoy them all over again. can never own too many. Clutches, handbags, shoppers, purses and all of the other styles that have been invented by the fashion industry to keep us spending - and yet we keep buying them! 

Wearing a quirky bag can enable even the most simple outfits to have a stamp of your style.

Here are some of my current favs for a rockabilly/vintage/retro splash to your wardobe from the high street:

Leopard print is such an easy and classic way to inject a bit of retro glamour into your look. This suitcase from Topshop costs £45.

Vainty cases are such a retro shape - and this Topshop one is pretty cool! Easier than scouring for a nice vintage one, but perhaps not quite as satisfying! This one costs £38.

If you're after a slightly punkier (but still high street) bag, this pink leopard print bag may hit the spot. It is from ViVi Boutique at Dorothy Perkins and costs £42.

Sticking with classically rockabilly colour schemes and patterns - black and white, big bow, stripes. Done. This is a KG by Kurt Geiger and is £29 from John Lewis.


Irregular Choice (at Schuh as well as with their own stores) are good for a more alternative high street bag. This little doggy clutch is £40.

It is possible to get quite 'alternative' stuff on the high street if you look hard enough! This skull and bow bag is from Iron Fist, exclusively with Schuh and costs £35.

Tartan; another great rockabilly/punk pattern, and easy to pick up on the highstreet. This one is from Peacocks for £9.60. The satchel shape is great for a bit of geek chic too! 

This little flirty pin-up number is from Next and costs £28. 

I am a big fan of River Island's bags. This is quite a random one from them....but could work for a geeky rockabilly look - squirrel suitcase anyone!?

Paperchase can be good for quirkier bags on the high street. This sweet little holdall costs £19.75



Rockalily Style: Mix and Match Prints 

Today I may look a little like the local crazy. Tartain vintage trousers, stripey Primark jumper and leopard print bandana.

I am wearing Roulette Red.

I have been inspired a little by the make up that was put on me yesterday for a magazine shoot and I have used blue and purple eyeshadow just under my bottom lashes, but no colour on top. 


Wonderful Women: 22 People Who Inspire Us


Last night's Wonderful Women meeting was about inspiration people. I am a big believer in surrounding yourself with positive people and things that keep you motivated. This may be your friends, work colleagues, the books you read, the tv you watch - why allow the negative attitudes of others to bring you down?

The #wwmoob had been challenged to research up to 3 people who inspire them. I hadn't told them they had to be women, or business related, just inspiring. 

Here are the 22 inspiration people we chose (in no particular order):

  1. Louise Hay
  2. Sarah Beeny
  3. Helena Rubenstein
  4. Lily's Kitchen
  5. Gabby Young
  6. Now Voyager
  7. What Katy Did
  8. The Papered Parlour
  9. Candy Anthony
  10. Imogen Heap
  11. Ann Kroeber
  12. Lady Gaga
  13. Sarah Tremellen (Bravissimo)
  14. Crying Out Loud
  15. Zainab Salbi
  16. Elsie Larson (A Beautiful Mess)
  17. Henrik Vibskov
  18. The Olsen Twins
  19. Lily Cole
  20. Rachel Galley
  21. Gala Darling
  22. Howard Schultz

We talked about the achievements, personality traits or choices that these people (or businesses) have made, and how we can learn from them (or be inspired by them). 

I love how varied and mixed this list is, yet many of the people shared an outlook, or a way of working.

Who inspires you?


Behind the Scenes at a Magazine Lingerie Shoot (with ReeRee Rockette)

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have known that I had been a little nervous about my magazine lingerie shoot. I'm not a natural model, and I definitely have next to zero body intelligence. My body does not do what my brain tells it to!

But I am a firm believer in doing the things that scare us, so when I got offered the shoot I leapt at the chance to push myself!

I enlisted a friend to pop round early in the morning, to put some little victory rolls in my hair. You never know with hair and make-up artists - sometimes they just don't get the vintage look, and I was nervous of looking nothing like myself!

The car came to collect me, and Pip took a quick picture people I jumped in!


After an hour in the car I arrived! I think I had expected a regular photo studio, but was pleasantly surprised to find this grand and interesting town house!

The house sprawled over four floors, and each room has a very different look! There were walk-in wardrobes, four poster beds, sculptures and randomly fabulous items.

They showed me the outfit options they had laid out for the shoot! Yum! So, we oooh and ahhed over them, and then had to start making a decision. We initially wanted to try the yummy aqua coloured set (from New Look I think) but it wasn't in my size. They moved onto a nude and black set, and put a girdle over, but again, it wasn't quite right. They swapped into a black halterneck silk bra, with the girdle, and changed the pants to plain black. A lingerie shoot is no place to be was just me stripping naked in front of the team!

We went with the black silk bra, black knickers and black stockings. Initially it was glittery gold shoes, but then they got swapped to red.


I arrived wearing a fabulous Pip Jolley cast silver curler necklace, but the stylist wanted a gold necklace. I did wear the silver Pip Jolley earrings for the shoot though! Love to support independent designers (she is a Wonderful Woman too!).

Next it was time for make-up, and luckily the lady was fabulous and I still felt like myself at the end of it! This is a terrible phone picture, but until I have any of the actual pictures, it will do!

She made a nice classic eyeliner flick but then added an aqua just on the bottom lashes, which I would never have thought of doing. It is nice to still have 'my look' but be able to change it a bit, I will definitely be experimenting! Lip colour started with Rockalily Vintage Vixen, mixed with a touch of Pompadour Pink, and then it got much more Pompadour Pink when the shoot director wanted the lip brighter.

The team were so helpful, I warned them that I was up for being bullied into shape - I want to be told what to do - I don't know myself! The ladies were warm, funny and supportive - phew!

We ended the shoot with lunch round the kitchen table. Fabulous.

Watch this space to see it in print!