Retro Hair Workshop - ReeRee and Pip

Due to popular demand we have set a 2013 date for the retro hair workshop that me and Pip Jolley are running. The first was a great success, and the second is fully booked already.

If you fancy paying £40, rather than the standard £45, sign up for the January date before the end of November.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Pop-Up Vintage Fair - Curated by Bloggers

This morning, I headed to Old Spitalfield Market to select two looks for a model to wear at a vintage fashion show. Tamar, my stunning model, was a joy to work with, as was her super cute daughter (who had the best hair I've ever seen on a child!).

The dresses were from Forsaken Dreams Vintage and my accessories were from Vintage Glitz n Bitz.

I went for a 1950s blue polka dot dress, with a 50s lucite handbag, black vintage gloves and vintage pearls. The shoes are Tamar's for comfort!

My second outfit was my favourite, a super tiny 1970s dress, with a defininite nod to the 1940s. I chose a vintage beaded black bag, which had a glove clip holding two black gloves. What a great idea!

I couldn't stay for the fashion show, so will have to borrow some of the other bloggers' photos once they've uploaded them; to see the items better!


Rockalily Style: Love Hate Social Club Launch

Last night I wore a French Connection green leopard print top with a vintage skirt. I'm wearing 1940s style shoes (which I broke somehow by the end of the night!), with a vintage croc handbag. I'm wearing a modern black belt.

I actually felt really good in this outfit, it sums up my current style pretty well. Clashing prints while mixing modern and vintage.


Love Hate Social Club

Tonight I went to the opening party of the Love Hate Social Club, Ami James' and Huey Morgan's new tattoo studio in Notting Hill, London.

To protect my hair from wind and rain I wore a scarf! An interesting look!

The atmosphere was fun, but we did end up leaving the after party and heading to a random pub for a drink alone.


Things and Ink - A new Tattoo magazine...finally one that speaks to us??!

My copy of Things and Ink has finally arrived!

It's exciting for a few reasons; the first being that I struggle to find any magazines that 'speak' to me. One that doesn't anger my feminist view point, that doesn't patronise me and that actually has things of interest inside. 

Secondly, the editor (and many of the contributors) are part of my Wonderful Women business group, which means I get to enjoy being a teeny part of their success, and I get to share a bit of their journey.

I have a column! I have been trying to stretch myself (and my confidence) as a writer in the last year, so its pretty awesome to have regular column in print!

Let me know if you manage to read a copy!


Layrite - Super Shine, Combs and Gift Boxes

We sell Layrite at Rockalily Cuts because we love it. We don't use it 100% of the time, we'll always use the best product for the hair type and desired look, but generally it's Layrite we use.  We sell it because it's hard to get over here in the UK, and I love that it's an indie brand, created by some barbers in the USA. It's the perfect fit!

We now have Regular, Extra Hold and the new Super Shine. We also have combs and the gift box. I love watching how dedicated our customers become to Layrite! 


Rockalily Cuts - 1970s receptionist


I look like a 1970s school secretary today!

I'm wearing a vintage 70s jumper, and a houndstooth pencil skirt.


The beehive adds to the secetary look I think!