Last weekend I headed to the Vuelio Blog Awards, a swanky formal event to celebrate bloggers who are leading the way in their niche. I've been blogging for perhaps 8 years, and I used to attend blog events pretty regularly. However, I'm less socialable these days, and since the blogging world exploded and became so much busier, I rarely attend them (and of course are invited to less too!). However this invite was for a formal dinner (rare) and pretty local to me, so I decided to come out of my bubble and head on down!

I know a lot of people had to go alone, but I decided to embrace the evening as date night, and took B as a plus 1. We rushed into our race-day outfits, and felt sufficently 'formal' to rush out the door and grab an uber. 

My blogging bubble tends to focus on fashion and beauty blogs, so I found the crowd refreshingly varied. As they were celebrating niches from travel, food, fitness, parenting etc, the attendees were mixed in age and gender. We welcomed a few glasses of prosecco and chatted. I got asked to do a brief interview for some student journalists. I tried to explain my answers would be lame, but I gave in. 

I love my little blog, and I love the opportunities it has provided me. However it isn't something I really champion at the moment, so I don't really want to talk too much about it really. They rather awkwardly asked me if I was up for an award (obvs not) and how many followers I had. It's almost as awkard as asking someone what they earn isn't it? 

Similarly to a wedding table plan, we found our pre-assigned seats (with my pre-arranged vegetarian meal) and joined our table. The food was yummy, and the wine plentiful, which is always a winning combination.

Blogging and the rise of social media seems to still confuse a lot of the marketing world. The shift of reach and influence has forever changed their landscape, and I think they feel a little out of control. However, we know of course it's nothing new really. Word of mouth has always been the most successful type of marketing, the internet has just amplified it to new heights. Personally I love what this means. Sources of information and trust are more varied, and we get to hear more voices than ever before.

We had a great time, and I was fiercely proud of everyone out there creating little businesses and fun hobbies out of writing, documenting, informing and taking photographs of their lives and interests. Bravo.

Beautiful Brows - an updated review

I first bought Beautiful Brows 4 years ago (you can read that old brows blog here) or to save you the click through, here is what I looked like back in 2012 testing my first official Beautiful Brow:

Back then it cost me £35, and I got a large black powder with a brush and 3 stencils. I loved it, and despite the stencils breaking a couple of years ago, I've worn the powder almost every day since (just applied freehand with a brush). Oddly look how much I have left! It seems I still have years left!

old beautiful brows kit.jpg

This is why I was excited and intrigued when I was sent the new Beautiful Brow kit to review. It's a brand I've worn for so long now, but oddly don't hear very much about. I was curious to see if anything had changed.

Firstly, you get more for your buck in 2016. This kit retails at £30 and contains 

  • Eyebrow powder
  • 6 eyebrow shapes
  • Duo applicator brush
  • Eyebrow highlighter
  • Highlighter brush
  • Soft grip tweezers
  • Magnifying mirror

The powder is smaller, but I guess it needed to be, going my 4 year old one still going strong! 

I've used Beautiful Brows for so long because they fill in my brows without fuss. They smudge less than any other powder I've tried, and they definitely last all day. It's funny isnt it, how brows became such a thing, and we look back and gasp at our natural brows from old pictures. I'm not one for a full on ombre-instagram brow, but I definitely don't leave the house without my brows on!

If you love make-up, but lack the skills of an instagram make up star, you may well love Beautiful Brows as much as I have.

5 weeks away from BodyPump....

reeree 5 weeks off gym

Last night was finally the night I returned to the gym after 5 weeks away. I had two week on holiday and 3 weeks were a mixture of sprained ankle and life dramas. I was excited to get back, but a littler nervous too.

Before my 5 weeks off I'd been pretty good at sticking to 4 visits a week, and I'd worked up to lifting a nice chunk of weight during BodyPump. But now I was returning with a pretty sore ankle and 5 weeks of no exercise.

I was a few minutes late leaving work, but I rushed, got changed and made it in time. Phew. It was a brand new instructor, so I took the time to explain my injury, and that I'd adapt any exercises I couldn't do.

The first minute of the warm-up was brilliant. I was so glad to be back, even though I was working with a little less weight. The music in BodyPump really gets you going, and I love how strong it makes me feel. However after a minute or two I felt really shaky and faint. What I'd forgotten was that to go to the gym I need to eat more than my salad and rye bread lunch. Definitely not enough.

So it ended up being a bit of a disaster. I felt so on the edge of fainting for the whole time, and during squats I ended up putting all my weights down and using body weight only. My ego hated it, but fainting would be worse! I also had to leave during another song for water, as I really felt like I could fall down. So silly!

It was all a rather pathetic session, lifting very small weights and fighting fainting. However, I stayed the whole session and am so relieved to be back. 

Work for Rockalily Cuts - Vintage, Creative Colours, Rockabilly Hair

We are currently hiring for a new team member, so if you're looking for your next challenge, do let us know!

You've already got at least 6 years experience, and you're skilled in men and women cuts, and you're passionate about colour. You're friendly and love making people enjoy their hair again. 

You'll hopefully also have a strong interest in vintage hair styling.

Email reeree@rockalily.com including your Cv and links to your work and/or instagram.

Frezyderm Review - my Bali suncare was sponsored by Frezyderm!

Frezyderm review

I recently saved hard to have my first holiday in 3.5 years, and flew off to Bali. I've got very pale skin, tons of freckles and tattoos, so sun protection was a top priority. 

I was lucky enough to be gifted a whole range of Frezyderm products, who are known for their award winning Velvet Face SPF 50. I've been using the Velvet Face since the summer, over my daily moisturiser, and under my make-up, so I was keen to explore the rest of their vast range!

1. I tried the Velvet Face Color SPF 50 for the first time with trepidation. Having such pale skin means the idea of a one tone suits all scared me off. Even a squeeze on the back of the hand is a little intimidating - it looks dark! However, I ended up using this every single day in Bali, and going make-up free during the day. Once rubbed in, it gave me a lovely light coverage, as well as providing the sun protection I needed. I didn't burn my face once!

2. We used 3 different body sun lotions; Seaside Dry Mist, Sun Screen Velvet Body, and Sun Screen Body (all SPF 50). The Seaside Dry Mist was awesome for being out and about - it can be applied on wet skin and the spray made applying it super easy. I liked using the Velvet Body for days when I'd be wearing clothing, as the fact that is was clear meant it was better to avoid those white marks/yellow stains. 

3. As an aftersun we used the Anti-Thermal Water Mist, which we must have loved a little too hard as we broke the spray, but after some wrestling we managed to get in to the sweet sweet juice manually.

Suncare is always something one should invest in, and Frezyderm have certainly nailed high quality and high functioning sun protection. Both me and B said we'd have paid for it. High praise indeed. 

Vintage Inspired Partywear with Simply Be

Blimey, it's nearly party season, and I was asked by Simply Be to share some of my favourite finds from their Dresses section! This is a sponsored post, but of course, as always all opinions are my own (no one else wants them!).


This is a classic black dress with some gorgeous detailing. It's available up to size 26, and costs £80. I adore the print detailing.

This faux top/skirt dress combo is easy to wear and easy on the eye. Available up to size 32.

Looking for something for that flappers NYE ball? How about this

70s disco? No worries. I love this glitter dress which comes in sizes 12-26.

Is it too early to start looking for your Christmas party dress? Who knows but its fun to look!