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Rockabilly Shoes - Still Loving Clarks

I have blogged about Clarks before, but wanted to again! I buy most of my shoes from there, and they just seem to be improving each and every season.

Why do I love them so? I suffer from a badly structured spine, and I really struggle to wear heels. Clarks tend to offer more choices of pretty shoes but with lower, and chunkier heels, which make heels an option for me. They tend to last, many of my shoes have been going for a good few years, and yet they are very reasonably priced. They give me a way to find a more wearable option but with a dash of rockabilly goodness!

If you haven't checked them out recently, here are some of my current favourites.


Fabulous Magazine - Featuring Rockabilly ReeRee

If you buy The Sun newspaper today, you may well spot a vaguely familiar face......mine!



If you don't buy The Sun, and don't find a copy of the magazine laying around, you can read the article online.


It is about me finding an 'alternative' style that suits me, and makes me happy, and features three ladies, each with their own take on fashion.





Rockalily Style: Rockabilly Casual


My hair had been styled, so I just used the volume to have a more relaxed (lazy) down do.

I wore skinny black jeans and a leopard print cardigan.

Not an interesting style day unfortunately!


I'm a World Book Night Giver!


What is World Book Night?

Taken from their site: 

25 titles are specially chosen and printed in their thousands in World Book Night editions. Givers apply to give away a particular book (you get a first, second and third choice) which they must commit to give away to those who don't regularly read to share and spread their love of reading. Each Giver receives 24 copies which they pick up from their local bookshops and libraries - the very heart of our reading communities - in the week before April 23.

The greatest reading journeys start when you put a book in to someone's hand and say 'this one's amazing, you have to read it' and by applying to be a giver you can help World Book Night give that experience to a million new readers on April 23.

It is difficult to quantify the value of reading on people’s lives, especially given the shocking statistics in the UK that outlines that one person in six struggles to read and write. Poor skills compromise health and well-being, confidence and employability. World Book Night’s charitable mission is to advance the education of the public by assisting in the promotion of literacy and the celebration of books and reading by creating unique moments which focus attention on adult literacy. By focusing on the enjoyment and engagement of reading we aim to reach and inspire those who have never discovered the value of reading.

I got my first choice of book - The Book Thief  which is certainly a book that I have handed to people (when I was a librarian) and said, 'Trust me, you'll love it.'


Which book would you have chosen from the list? I'm very excited!




Suicide, Twitter and Coming Together


Late last night I discovered that someone I 'knew' ended his own life. I had never met him, despite him living locally, and only knew him via Twitter, and yet when I read the tweet telling me that he had died, I had my first ever panic attack and sobbed, struggling to catch a breath for ten minutes or more.

I have found it hard to stop thinking about him today, and have connected with many shocked, sad and distraught people on twitter. I even had a quick coffee with 3 of them, so we could just share our sadness, for the loss of someone we all knew (in different ways, online/offline).

He was young and doing extremely well in his career. And yet, somehow, his world got so dark he couldn't find another alternative way out. He even tweeted just before the end, tragically apologising for not asking for help, and giving love to his friends and family. 

I have been crying on and off today as well, and I have been trying to work out why I am so affected by it. I didn't know him, and yet I did. I feel so achingly sad for him, and for his family. Death is so final, and never ending for those left behind.

James, I'm so sad for you. I'm sad for those left behind. I'm just sad, and these tears are for you and your family.


I decided to donate in James' memory to Survivors of Bereavement of Suicide, which offer a national helpful for anyone who is left behind after suicide. Do check out the website if you are in need of any support and/or advice.


Your first proper kiss...

Despite it being pretty disgusting, I remember my first 'proper' kiss in much more detail than losing my virginity. The kiss had been long awaited, and I was pretty desperate to give it a whirl. At 14, I felt like I wasn't as 'experienced' as my friends, and just wanted to know what a good ol' french kiss would feel like.

I finally achieved my kissing goal, in my local park, during the day. It was a first date of sorts, and I remember it was a hot summer. I was 14, and he was 19. At the time, that fact made me feel a little bit 'cool' but actually looking back it makes me feel a little sick. To all 19 year old boys out there, you're too old to be snogging 14 year old girls. Just in case you weren't sure.

It was disgusting. Wet, scratchy (stubble) and I didn't even fancy him. But I was so relieved! Ha ha, it's funny how important all of that stuff is at that age. 

The sad bit about the story is that he remained my boyfriend for a few months after. 

I asked twitter about their first kisses, and as the responses made me smile so much, I thought I would share! 

@hazzelnut 'Horrible. He spat in my mouth and licked my chin when we finished. I still shudder at the thought.'

@meg_la_mania 'awful! He literally opened his mouth as wide as possible and swirled his tongue around like a spin cycle!'

@aimeeappleface ' rubbish! I was so nervous I didn't move!'

@evebeebee 'like a washing machine...:-('

@girlfantastico 'so awkward that I still can't look the guy in the eye when I see him about.'

@kathroooon 'A simple, expressive one under the arches at Newcastle Central Station. Our first and our last x'

@_JessicaBambina 'kind of like being attacked by an over-excited puppy, slobbery and wet :|'

@DollyCool 'A washing machine! I remember feeling rather disappointed - but realising soon after - he was just a rubbish kisser! ;)'

@M155CK 'ACE, it caused flutters … i'm still searching for a kiss to rival it ! #Sigh'

@BettyAmazing 'Just horrendous! This was not a boy I wanted to be kissing, but was pressured into it. Later kisses/boys have been nice! xx'

@HotRodBettie77 'like a washing machine cycle with lots of dribble, on the sea wall in s'end and ultranate's free blaring out from somewhere!'

@hellopolly ' a park. Classy!'

@NotoriousKitsch 'like snogging an ash tray horrible!'

@charleymarley 'a bit gross. At a cheesy school disco wearing lots of glitter, and drool at the end of it.'

@quirkyyy 'I wouldn't really call my first kiss, a kiss- I'd probably compare it to someone chewing my face in a multi story car park'

@robynheartsslap ' A bit gross! He was a bit like a washing machine and he was also way shorter than me -_-'

@kellipanda 'with a boy who looks like the milky bar kid&moved his tongue like a tumble dryer. My friends never let me forget those facts'

@Son_of_Ray 'Community disco in a hospital. Her name was Jo, and she full-on bit my neck in between kisses.'

@RachyLou13 'under the half pipe at the local skatepark & I nearly choked on my chewing gum! #smooth'

@MissDreamy 'I kissed him under the table at school and then told my teacher!!! #ohdear :s'

@Sesameandlilly 'mine was awful!he was 18 i was 14,scared me so much i faked an asthma attack to get away!x'

@80schickx 'literally was a French kiss. School exchange trip on the coach. Tongue like an electric eel. Didn't like it :-('

@tigzricestudios 'I think it was year 7, at lunchtime...? The build up was definitely more impressive than the actual kiss!'

@boobesque 'my first kiss was amazing! But set the bar high, next boyfriend was like an over excited puppy and licked ROUND my lips barf'

@inordinateplush '13 years old with all our mates watching on a street corner. I bought a carton of juice after it was that bad!'

@bekidickens '12 in a damp tent that was used as a tuck shop on caravan club weekends away. He had ginger hair was 15, I bit his tounge:-)'

@MdelaCremeDiva 'Unexpected!! I only thought I was getting a peck!! Nice thou! ;)) x'

@chimpmansworth 'ye gods it was so horrible I'm amazed I ever kissed anyone again!'

@Helenography 'Awful. I can't abide bad kissers. It's just bad manners not to practice on the back of your hand growing up. #firstkiss'

@Bridestockbride ' just... Lovely. Floated on air for hours!'

@dibsblog 'my first kiss, I was 14, in the park, tipsy on lambrini (classy!) it was slobbery and I threw up after...yep super classy!'

@delicious_shop 'My first kiss was with a girl, but probably still the best kiss I've ever had#takethatconventions'

@goldswallow 'mine was at the skatepark on Southbank (pre-vintage vixen days) and was very cold and shivvery! #firstkiss'

@gutnahofski 'his name was Kevin. I was 10 & had to ask what a French kiss was. Afterwards he discussed with his mates was I was like...'

@clarabelle12345 'back of the top deck of a no. 44 in Edinburgh - bouncy!!'

@liztregenza 'mine was at a houseparty. I was 14 and drunk (naughty!)'

@MissHelveticaB 'messy.'

@yestercake 'Terrible! He tasted of snot and nearly chocked me with his tongue! My second kiss on the other hand...'

@Ladyfromatramp 'terrible, sloppy, toothy and with the bloke 2 desks down, did NOT expect to see him 20yr later'

@Laralarouge 'Wet. And he smashed his teeth against mine. *shudders*'

@curiouslyemily 'Eww, gross, in a dirty music venue with a creepy smoker called Chez! Slobber and teeth all over the shop. x'

@Vix_Vintage 'like a washing joke'

@redlegsinsoho 'someone's mad louche junkie brother, just a thoroughly wicked man, in retrospect it was a pretty good kiss though.'

A lot of washing machine references there! It seems kissing definitely takes a bit of practice! Well worth it though! ;-)



Collectif, Friends, and Harrods on Valentine's Day

I may well be single, but I quite like Valentine's Day! How could I not when I got surprised with a rose this morning by Miss Banbury Cross? We popped to Harrods for a bite to eat at their diner, and a sneaky catch up over a bottle of wine.

I then popped into Collectif in Camden to get my hair styled for a night out with the girls. Collectif have started offering a pop-up hair studio on Saturdays (and today for Valentine's). If you spend £50 in store, you get your hair done for free, or you can pay £12 for any retro hair do.

Afterwards I popped off to have a lovely evening out with some lovely single ladies. We shared stories about boys in our lives, enjoyed a drink or two, and munched on nachos. Perfect.

How did you spend your Valentine's Day?