Bloggers' Box at Rihanna with Simplexity Travel

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This weekend I was luckily enough to go to see Rihanna at Wembley, thanks to Simplexity Travel. Now, these weren't just any tickets, as Simplexity specialises in luxury and bespoke travel, this was their private box. Oh yes.

rihanna wembley

So what happens when you invite a bunch of bloggers to a private box? All of the selfies naturally!

bloggers box wembley

I set myself the challenge of taking a pic with everyone there - mission accomplished! From top left, clockwise is Kitty Cowell , Paige Joanna, The Travelista Jess Gibson, and Heroine in Heels Laura Hyatt.

simplexity travel bloggers

And last but definitely not least model Olivia Campbell.

We had a great time, and I can definitely see the appeal of a private room, somewhere to leave your bag, a private toilet and phone chargers! Oh how the other half live!

Did you know how realistic wigs can be? (otherwise known as how Kylie and Beyonce have such great hair.

Now, you may well know this about me, but I'm a big fan of faux hair (wig, weave and extensions). I've included an old video of mine above as half wigs have long been my favourite way of customising my hair, and adding length.

I've spent the evening browsing full lace wigs, as I'd like to explore these now as an option, and I had to share with you some of the hidden magic of wigs. I know Kylie Jenner has thrown a recent light on the power of wigs (that has long been known by the black community), and I know that many people don't recognise wigs when worn by the rich and famous.

I had to share with you this fascinating/inspiring instagram account, for a wig store here in London. I may well have to save up and treat myself and invest in one too! But more on that later.

A-List Lace Hair is definitely worth checking out if you need some new hair-spo.

I've also been watching a lot of youtube reviews of wigs, and how to best manage your lace front wig, and I discovered @snitchery who is my new wig inspiration. She wears wigs everyday (I believe) and rocks it in a way I want to! I want to start upping my hair game.

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Anyhoo, of course I didn't do all that research and not make a purchase! I had a wish list of about , but considering I still have three new halfwigs under the bed, I decided to be sensible and just order one. So watch this space people, Ree is a lace front wig is on the horizon.

Bloggers Day out at Margate with Nike #InstantHappiness

nike margate bloggers trip

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be taken to Margate's Dreamland for a day out with Nike, to celebrate the launch of the Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknit (as modeled by me!). We were blessed with sunshine, so a trip to the seaside was perfectly timed.

margate dreamland

Me and fellow blogger Illustrated Ella enjoyed a day of rides, BBQ and prosecco. I say a day of rides, but I'm a little bit of a wuss, and didn't go on many! But I did manage about 3, Ella is definitely braver than me!

I had never been to Margate (I'm a Brighton girl), so I was surprised it was only about 1 hour and a half from London. The Dreamland has had an Wayne Hemingway make-over, making it a kitsch, retro fantasy land. 

Dreamland isn't on the beach, like Brighton and I presume Blackpool, its a little set back, and more like a mini theme park. What was quite awesome was that they have 3 private beach huts to rent, and Nike had reserved all 3. This mean we had somewhere to leave our bags, along with a permanent bar man to serve us what we needed (I went for prosecco!). They also sent some chefs up to cook the BBQ for us.

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The gift shop was pretty epic guys! I definitely raided it for some goodies. I'd try Margaret again for sure, we didn't have time to check out the town, but I hear they have a large vintage scene with lots of great shops, so perhaps on a sunny day I'll head there instead of B-town.

#SculptingSchool with Nude by Nature.

Last night I headed to the The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design to attend #SculptingSchool, a bloggers' event from Nude By Nature. They're an Australian mineral make-up brand, with the philosophy, "make-up that's good for you".


We all sat at our station, with a complete Contour&Highlight kit, and watched a demo, before having a play ourselves. Most people weren't willing to take their make-up off, so just applied over their current makeup, but I thought I'd throw myself right in! I wiped my my foundation off, and tried mineral foundation for the first time!

I like heavy coverage, partly due to taste, but largely due to my cheek, that has a permanent rash/rosacea on it, and needs a full coverage. This means I've never tried a powder foundation, so I was curious to see how it would do. They'd given me a cream/liquid concealer, so I used this first. I found the texture tough to use, but I never use concealer so I guess I'm not used to it!

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The coverage was full, like liquid, but I'm curious to try without the concealer too. 

Today I plan to do half of my face with mineral powder, and half with my regular Estee Lauder Double Wear, to compare how they fare over the day. So watch this space for a more in depth review!

As an FYI, the brushes they gave us feel incredible. Definitely check them out.

Reclaiming some glamour.

reeree rockette jun 2016

I'd been feeling a little lost style wise, as I'd somehow found myself wearing leggings, trainers and baggy tops. I was feeling a little frumpy and lost I guess. So I have been forcing myself back to my retro roots, slapping on red lipstick and indulging in some shopping.

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I've gained weight recently due to feeling far too busy in my life, and it definitely shaken my style confidence as well. But I'm pretty strict with my thoughts sometimes, and its all the more reason to dress up and feel great.

I think some people forget the power our style choices have. When you get ready for a party, and you feel a million dollars; that feeling? It's possible to sprinkle each and every day with some of that awesome. Buying clothes that make you feel great, and wearing them every day, not just special occasions, wearing your hair and make up in a way that makes you feel great etc. Feeling good deserves your time and attention, but it certainly doesn't mean the same for everyone. Style is really about understanding what makes YOU feel great, regardless of what fashion is currently dictating.

The implant, the pill....3 months on.

I've been sharing my hormonal birth control journey for the past 7/8 months, so I figured I'd better share an update!

My last update was here "A month of being on the implant and the pill", and I just finished my 3rd month of having the implant and taking the pill. I got the implant, waited 5/6 months for the spotting/bleeding to go away, and when it didn't I returned to get the pill. I had imagined the pill would be a small booster pill, but it's the actual pill. This means I'm on a double dose of hormones.

I felt weepy in the first week, but it did settle. I do feel a little more emotional still, 3 months on, and the boyfriend agrees that he can notice it. However not bleeding was worth it. Long term, I wasn't really sure what I could hope for; I don't want to just rely on a pill, but the implant just doesn't seem enough on its own.

Yesterday I went back to a doctor, saying my 3 months were up. He explained that he'd expect the bleeding to not return, that often the implant just needs a little temporary boost, and then it stays away. he said that he usually prefers giving the contraceptive patch in these cases (instead of the pill) just for a week or two (he wasn't the doctor who prescribed my pill). I'm not sure why a patch is better, but I'd be curious to explore more. 

He was great, and explained that he didn't expect the bleeding to return, but he'd prescribe the pill for me to take, and I could use it if it did. I actually really respected how he valued my insistence that bleeding isn't acceptable. I always fear male doctors think we're being too demanding.

Today, my boobs ached, my womb cramped, and by the evening I was bleeding. Sigh.

Managing our contraceptive choices is so complicated, and we're so far away from better solutions. I'm convinced if men had to take a pill, these issues would have been dealt with by now. It's like we constantly have to juggle pros and cons, and frankly birth control needs more attention. Anyhoo, so it looks like I'm back to the implant and pill combo for now, gosh knows what those hormones are doing.....

New make-up I've been using (the Balm, Estée Lauder, EX1, Dior)

the balm nudetude pallette

I have been using a lot of new make-up recently, so I thought I'd share some thoughts in one cheeky review post. The Balm Nudetude eyeshadow palette (£26.50) is a super cute palette that I got in a goody bag. I'd never actually used any The Balm products so I was keen to try it out. My first piece of advice is to chuck the brush away. I find this sadly the case for most cosmetics, apart from the Urban Decay Naked palette, which has an ace brush. Anyhoo, I've been wearing these eyeshadows for a couple of weeks now, and they are definitely fine. Perhaps not amazing, but fine, and I'll wear them until they run out for sure. This seems to be a fun substitute for the Naked Palette, and if you don't want to stretch the extra for that one, this is a great alternative. All very wearable shades.

put a lid on it the balm

More than anything though, the eye primer that came with the palette is bleedin' genius. I usually use a a concealer or a mac paint pot, but this primer is a clear gel. I didn't trust it at first, as you can't see it, like with a concealer or traditional lid primer. However, I've had zero smudging each and every day, and it allows me to have a less caked on look. Brilliant. Not sure how it works but it does. 

doublewear estee lauder review

For a while time now I've been using Dior's primer for my face, and it made me want to explore higher end foundations too. I'd been using the L'Oreal Infallible range, and finally tried Estee Lauder Double Wear.  I asked for their lightest shade. I had been concerned that the SPF was only 10, but the Dior primer has SPF 20 so that's ok.

At first the coverage wasn't as heavy as I'd expected but then I reminded myself that you can't judge an unfinished face. So on with blush and powder, and boom; much better. I've worn it everyday for a couple of weeks now. It certainly holds a bit better than the Loreal, it doesn't become quite as powdering/settled after a day's wear. I'm pretty happy with it, and would be curious to try a high end powder next. I'm still using my Loreal Infallible one.

ex1 blusher review

I hadn't heard of EX1 before, but I found this cheeky fella at the bottom of a goody bag, so I'm been trying him out too. They cost £9.50 and whats really interesting about it is that it says its 100% oil and fragrance free, and non pore-clogging. It's hard to isolate a cause, as I've changed a few things face-wise, but the rosacea/rash that is ALWAYS on my right cheek has been pretty settled recently. Perhaps......perhaps.....this blusher has helped with that. Wouldn't that be interesting. As an extra bonus the pigmentation is awesome. I'd like to try another shade!