A peek at Rockalily Cuts

These are only some super quick pictures of Rockalily Cuts, before me and Lucie Luella left for the evening, but I know that many of my blog readers aren't in London, and are curious for a little peek!

It will be a work in progress for a few weeks, but we're finally ready to open the doors and get some preening done!

I wll get some official pictures done soon, but these give a flavour of what I have done!

Is it how you expected? There are many more details I want to share, but will hold back, and share new things over the next week or so!

If you want to make an appointment for Rockalily Cuts, do let me know!


Rockalily Style: Opening the Rockalily Cuts doors


Finally an outfit not just designed for painting, sadly I will still be doing some painting today though!

The doors will be open at Rockalily Cuts today, but not for full service, just to start finding our feet and say hello!

I am wearing a hat from B Millinery, which is made from one of Little Miss B's standard blocks, but in leopard print especially for me!

The shirt is from Vivien of Holloway, and the skirt is my super old satin skirt from when I used to stage manage burlesque shows!

The leopard print pumps are from Gap, but I got them in a charity shop.


Sex, Lies & Rinsing Guys

I'm currently watching last night's 'Sex, Lies & Rinsing Guys' on 4oD and simply felt I had to write something. I'm not exactly sure what yet, but definitely something.

The documentary follows some young women who 'rinse' men, which basically means being given gifts but never having sex with them.

Danica for example, is a glamour model, who rinses many men, who all send her gifts (computers, jewellery, Dysons etc) without even ever meeting her. She also charges £50 for ten minutes chat on Skype (no adult chat allowed).

Hollie does meet her 'friends' but again, never has sex, and is purely using them for their gifts. Hollie also has become a financial dominatrix, where for £200 she tells a man they are worthless over Skype for five minutes.

Jeanette gets flown to New York, and we follow her on a shopping trip, where the pixellated 'friend' buys everything she vaguely wants. The man starts trying to touch her more, arms round waist etc. Jeanette pushes him away. At one point we even get to hear him say, "Wait till you really piss me off then I'm gonna be mean to you". It certainly didn't have a jokey tone to it either. No matter, Jeanette continues shopping with him.

Now, the documentary follows the women, how they find these men, how they tell the men what they want, and how they feel once they get the gifts. However, it just felt a little....well, unbalanced. It reminded me of the way the media blame women for affairs, while often forgiving the man. The show seems to be focusing on the women, and it definitely felt as if we should be forming judgements about the women, but not the men.

What on earth makes these men live like this? Spending thousands of pounds, on someone they either either don't meet, or only get to have a meal with. What judgements are we meant to make about these men? Which men randomly buy gifts or pay household bills for a woman they barely know?

On the other hand.....if anyone wants me to create an amazon wish let me know ;-)


Rockalily Style: My Hair


As I am painting at the salon again today, my outfit is just painting clothes, so I thought I'd show my hair instead!

This rather oddly smug photo is me this morning, with my new pink and black hair.

I've thrown it up in two small victory rolls, and used a bun net to hold the back curls like a mini snood.

You can see they are not perfectly neat, but definitely good enough, and quick enough for a day of painting and plumbing!


Magazines Are Out Of Touch: Eva Wiseman's Guardian Article

If you know me, or follow my tweets regularly, you may know that I'm not a fan of the majority of magazines aimed at women. In a vaguley ironic way, you can see me, in my bra and pants, on the front of the pictured magazine with the strapline, 'Men Can't Resist Our Bodies'. Oh yes.

Eva Wiseman published an article today called 'How Time Stands Still in Women's Magazines' and it rang so many bells that have been tolling in my ears for ages now!

To place my own opinions in context, let me explore briefly my own relationship history with magazines. I grew up with girl magazines like Bliss, Sugar, Smash Hits, before I 'upgraded' to Just Seventeen (to become J17). Then came More, the closest we could get to explicit sex advice before the internet! As an adult, I would happily read the weekly celeb magazines, the monthlies and pretty much anything I could buy for the bus ride. I have devoured red carpet disasters, poured over glimpses of cellulite and tracked bumpy relationships.

However...I just stopped caring. I'm now 29 and don't care who is dating who. I don't care if a woman bends over at the beach and has a roll of fat, and I certainly don't need a red circle pointing it out to me. I don't care about an Essex girl and what nightclub she was spotted in. I also don't care what is in person's fridge.

I don't mean that with any judgement on anyone who does care, just that I do not, and I don't find many options in the magazine world, and I surely cannot be alone. Eva Wiseman proves I am not!

If I buy a fashion magazine I have to literally stop myself gasping at how many adverts I have to pass before finding any actual content. I'm paying near enough a fiver to have a catalogue. 

Go and read Eva's article and do let me know if you think magazines are out of touch. I just wish they had bigger freedoms away from the demands and expectations of the advertisers. Life is interesting, rich and varied. I wish magazines were able to reflect more of this.

It is also a rather chicken and egg situation considering in the years I have stopped reading those magazines I have never felt better about my body!



New Hair Colour - Black and Pink


I blogged about attempting to strip the old colour from my hair, and said to watch this space as to how I would fix my hair.

Well here is an early morning picture to show you!

I have black on the majority of it, and a bright pink on the fringe and small side section.

I haven't cut it, it's just curled, so appears shorter.



Lucie Luella - Rockalily Cuts' Head Stylist

Lucie Luella is Rockalily Cuts' Head Stylist, so I thought it was about time we told you a bit about who she is!

1. When did you start hairdressing?

Lucie: I started hairdressing straight from school as I always knew I wanted to be a hairdresser. I love the freedom and creativity, and love being paid to do something I'm really passionate about. I used to cut all my friends' hair with kitchen scissors (not reccommended of course!) - when I was about eight years old I had a couple of angry mums banging at my mum's door more than once!


2. When did you start dressing in a vintage/retro/rockabilly style?

Lucie: When I was young I was always dressing up; one week I would be a punk, the next a hippy. I'd say the vintage style came when I was about sixteen. I had the pencil skirt, fur shawl, and a pearl necklace, but I never really understood the fashion as I didn't have any influnces in my life at the time so my teens took over! Out came the fake tan and hair extensions, but I can honestly say I never felt comfortable looking like that. When I got to about nineteen, I started going to vintage shops and my style definitely became a lot more alternative. My wardrobe grew and grew, and before I knew it I was dressing in vintage dresses every day.The girls I worked with called me 'Granny', but I felt comfortable and the most confident I ever had!

London has given me so much style inspiration, especially for a more rockabilly look, as there wasn't much in Leeds (where I am from) and I feel now my style will continue to grow and become a lot more 'rockabilly' as I just love it. I think it's super classy and sexy!

3. What is your everyday hairstyle?

Lucie:  My hair is usually long and wavy, which I do with pin curls, and always accessorise with some hair pieces -  flowers, cherries etc. If I'm having a lazy hair day I'll wear a full head scarf and a lot of lippy!

4. Which vintage and modern celebrity do you admire most for their hair?

Lucie: I don't take inspirartion from celebrities as they are not the ones doing their own hair and it gives women a false outlook on what should be achievable! I take a lot of my inspiration from real women, listening to their needs, their lifestyle, and around that creating something that will make them feel beautiful but yet achieveble

5. We went to Viva Las Vegas together, how did you find it?

Lucie: I absoloutly loved Viva it was such an amazing experience for me, and it set in stone why I love what I love

6. Describe your fashion style?

Lucie: My fashion style is a mix of alternative and rockabilly, but I think it will transtion into completely rockabilly as I just think it's awesome.

7. What is your current favourite song?

Lucie: I'm listening to JD Mcpherson at the moment, and am totally in love with all of their songs too much to choose a favourite one! I'm starting to take jive lessons so anything I can jive too at the moment makes me very happy!

8. What are you looking forward to most when you're the head stylist at Rockalily Cuts?

Lucie: Well, Rockalily Cuts is everything I dreamed of when I came to London looking for a place where I can be myself totally. I can explore my love for vintage inspired hair and work with a group of people who also all share this passion. Plus I get to dress up and what girl doesnt love dressing up?!

9. If you could give one person a Rockalily Cuts make over, who would it be and why?

Lucie: I want to give everyone a Rockalily makeover - I love makeovers!

 Hopefully when you book in and meet Lucie Luella, you'll think she's as awesome as I do!