My current favourite skincare ingredient: Hyaluronic Acid

I was sent a bag of night creams to review, all containing acids. No, not like a face peel using acid, but an ingredient that delivers moisture deep within your skin. We apparently have our own levels of hyaluronic acid, which lessens as we age, hence our need for some super duper skin care as we get older.

I've been using a rotation of creams, most nights of the week, before bedtime. What's critical to note is that these acids make your skin more sensitive to UV damage (which is why they're prevalent in night creams) and therefore it is critical you use a quality SPF during the daytime while you're using them. 

Please also note, that your SPF in your foundation may well not be enough on its own. Your foundation may only offer protect against UVA or UVB, but not both. You need a broad spectrum protection.

The main reason I've fallen in love with hyaluronic acids is that it really keeps my rosacea in check. So much so, I can often notice the difference on the days I forget to use it at night. My rosacea covers my whole right cheek, and I cover it with make up.

My day moisturiser ran out this week so I decided to try Clarins for the first time. I was surprised to find a day product with hyaluronic acid in, so I snapped it up! Remember I apply a factor 50 over the top for protection. I started using this today, so watch this space! I always get so nervous trying a new cream due to my rosacea, but I'm excited to try a new range.

Week 2 at the gym - body combat!

I blogged last week that I had returned to fitness. Last week I tried spin,  fat burn and bodypump. On Monday this week I returned to spin, and on Tuesday I'd planned on a class which once I arrived had been cancelled. So I again I faced my fears and I quickly signed up for for body combat. This made me anxious as I'm ridiculously uncoordinated. My body just doesn't look like other people's when I try and make it move in the same way.

Body combat is a blend of martial arts and boxing, and I only signed up after checking you didn't need to pair up and train with a partner! That would have been a step too far. Ha!

It was the a sold out class, and I can see why, the instructor was great. I've already signed up for next week! Yes, I was terrible, yes I looked silly, but I could just about keep up in my own silly way!

It's early days but so far I'm maintaining a 100% week day fitness rate but I know this won't continue. I set myself the goal of 3-4 sessions a week, which gives me some wiggle room. I've managed to not feel sore or tired but mixing up the sessions. I'm trying to try lots of different workouts, stick with them for a bit, and then see how I feel. As I've said I've never really done classes, but gosh they make you sweat!

I want to put myself first for a while, and love my body enough to take care of it again. I also want all my clothes to fit - he he. At least it gives me something easy to measure my progress against!


I'm using my old fitness blogs as inspiration, which is pretty useful as I know I loved it before, and I know I just have to stick with it, and I'll love it, and the results, again. 

My wig collection and where I buy them from

If you follow me on social media, you may well have noticed I'm currently a wig wearer. I wear them almost every day, but have held off from answering too many questions until I'd had a bit more experience! So here is one of my first "Wig Advice" posts trying to answer all of the questions I've been receiving about them!

I'm going to share some of the wigs I'm wearing currently, where I bought them from, and what I think of them. I'll show how they arrive, and how I style them for reference.

blonde and brown wig

This blonde and brown wig is a cheap one from amazon, and is currently available for less than £15. As you can see I cut the length and the fringe. I was really impressed with this wig, especially for the price. If I could change anything I'd rather there was less brown under the fringe, but such is life! 

zella rose wigs

This pink/purple/black wig is from Zella Rose Wigs and it's currently £26 + postage. Again, I cut the length, and took weight out of the fringe. This is currently my favourite day-to-day wig. It's pretty natural looking (because I have black hair underneath) and really comfy.

green dipdye wig

This is a another cheap wig, again under £15 from amazon.  I straightened the ends and trimmed the fringes. It is a cheap wig, which means it doesn't sit perfectly, and is a little thin, but definitely wearable as a starter wig. I'll probably trim the ends to thicken it up.

This one is a more expensive wig, from Webster Wigs, and was £60. The extra money buys a lot more hair for your cash, and this is thick and luscious. I cut the widows peak off, cut in a fringe, and cut some length off. The thickness means there's even more to get tangled, but this is worth the effort. This is a lace front wig. The others in this list are not. 

Lace front and more expensive wigs usually get you a parting. The cheaper wigs, and the non lace front wigs don't usually have a part, and gives you that wig shape when sat on the head.


This Amazon wig was under a tenner so you have to keep expectations low! Making wigs less shiny is a large part of the wearing-them-in process, and this wig I think could still make a little progress. I've cut it in a bit, powdered it to lessen the shine, and switched the parting. A fun bargain but you can't expect miracles!

Another Zella Rose wig, which (I got in the sale). This was always going to be a rather silly wig, and not a 'believable' one. If you're looking for a more believable wig, you want to get more than one tone, so dark roots do this, or multi-colour strands. However not all wigs need to be believable!

I'll certainly continue sharing my ever-growing wig collection (I have more!) and more tips and faqs about wearing wigs regularly, so do keep asking your questions via social media!


Returning to fitness

I have a confession. After successfully changing my body and lifestyle and maintaining those results for a while, I barely recognise my body right now. My weight has returned,  and although I know the reasons/excuses, all that matters is what happens next.


I haven't wasted time with berating myself. Life happens sometimes and that's OK. Things change and we can't always juggle every ball at the same time.  And that's OK. 

I'm finally ready to get back to where I felt best. 

In the past 4 days I've visited my new gym 4 times. Whoop! I've done it differently this time. I've faced my fears and done classes! Classes have always made me nervous. I'm a super uncoordinated person and I'll always be the person out of time with everyone else. I hate being unable to keep up. But sod it. Classes can push you much harder than solo training so I just found my inner brave and signed up. 

Day 1 was spin, day 2 was fat burn, day 3 was body pump and today was a short solo gym session as my body was so tight after body pump!  

When you want something enough you find a way to make the necessary changes and I finally want it enough again. My clothes don't fit and my body is uncomfortable....chafing thighs anyone?  

I've done it before and I know I can do it again. So watch this space!  

Customised Zatchel Using Temporary Tattoos

I recently posted my customised Zatchels bag on Instagram and they reached out and asked me to create a tutorial! So after recieving this super cute mini Zatchel from them I got crafty once more!


Order yourself Some old school temporary tattoos. I got these from China, via eBay but you could also check out somewhere like rosie wonders.

tredny temp tattoo

Roughly cut out your design and have a go and looking where it will sit best.

customise zatchels bag

Use a wet cloth to soak the back of the paper. Don't be shy, get it wet.

customising leather bag

The backing will slide away. Like magic.

temporary tattoos on leather

And that's all there is to it! I've had mine on my bag for quite a while now and they wear well.

zatchels small white

Let me know if you give it a go!

leather bag

Wearing wigs every day?

I've always loved fake hair. I've long been an advocate of half wigs, and have often shared my excitement at getting new hair pieces that make me feel fabulous. However in the past few weeks I've started wearing full wigs, almost daily.

It started with this blue number, which was actually my first lace-front wig, and the confidence I gained after wearing it out a few times made me dig deeper into my "hair box" under the bed, and rediscover some old wigs I owned.

Wearing the blue wig out elicits a lot of reactions, from the woman on security coming out just to exclaim she loved my hair, to the gasps from people when they don't believe its a wig until you lift it up, which is a lot of fun. Reminds me of when I had real blue hair!

I've since been rocking some different looks, and loving the extra dimension of creativity they're bringing to my look. I think they're also distracting me from my weight gain too, which is good, as negative thoughts don't help anyone!

Now, the most exciting thing is that this week I've ordered  new wigs, so I plan to share more of my wig journey when they arrive! Watch this space!

Bloggers' Box at Rihanna with Simplexity Travel

#livesimplexity rihanna

This weekend I was luckily enough to go to see Rihanna at Wembley, thanks to Simplexity Travel. Now, these weren't just any tickets, as Simplexity specialises in luxury and bespoke travel, this was their private box. Oh yes.

rihanna wembley

So what happens when you invite a bunch of bloggers to a private box? All of the selfies naturally!

bloggers box wembley

I set myself the challenge of taking a pic with everyone there - mission accomplished! From top left, clockwise is Kitty Cowell , Paige Joanna, The Travelista Jess Gibson, and Heroine in Heels Laura Hyatt.

simplexity travel bloggers

And last but definitely not least model Olivia Campbell.

We had a great time, and I can definitely see the appeal of a private room, somewhere to leave your bag, a private toilet and phone chargers! Oh how the other half live!