P!nk - a lady who rocks a quiff and an attitude

 I adore music, but my scope is somewhat restricted I guess, as I tend to listen to the same things over and over. 12 years ago Pink released her first single, and I have loved her ever since.

I was about 17 years old, and it wasn't just the music that I liked about Pink. She stood for something different. It was clear that she wasn't just an industry pretty girl, and that she had a voice which actually wanted to say something.

She was muscular, rather than skinny, and she had short hair.  She had short hair and was sexy. And she didn't take any shit.

She sang about things that didn't just revolve around her having a broken heart and a sad soul.  Her videos took risks. 

It's rather sad that 12 years ago it felt refreshing to have a vaguely more 'feminist' female role model in mainstream media, and yet not much more has changed. Has it?

Pink said that it was ok to be whoever you wanted, and her voice seemed to stand alone (for 17 year old ReeRee at least).

Not only does she kick arse....generally....but she just rocks her hair. Shorter, longer, blonde, pink, red, black......she makes me want to cut mine off.


What is love, and who does it make us?

I definitely don't believe in the idea of there being one soul mate for each of us, nor in the concept of a 'one true love'. 

For me, love is not a single noun, describing a single state of being. Love changes along with us. Our ability to feel, accept and give love changes as we do.

I believe that when I love someone, I forever give them a part of me. However, I can't run out of parts to give, as the space is always filled again. This means that if we use the analogy of a heart, when I give a piece of my heart away, the piece will eventually grow back, but it will be slightly different. It may be scarred, larger or smaller, but always replaced.

This means that everytime I love someone new, the love comes from a unique place. The love will be different to past loves, as I am now a different person. Not necessarily less, or more; just different.



Vintage Hood Dryer Lamp

We have a new little lamp at the shop! Its a vintage table lamp in the shape of a hood dryer! We now have little and large.

The label says Starlett Salon, with the brand Jouets TMF.



Rockalily Style: Black and White


You can't see my hair very well, but its up in two little victory rolls and curled at the back.

I'm wearing a black and white striped t-shirt and a pencil skirt.


Friday the 13th Tattoo - Small Cherries

I recently got a Friday 13th tattoo (back in April), and we've hit another one, so off I went! It was en route to the salon, so I had Ellington with me (I did know in advance that the shop would ok with him being there!).

I think I'm finally at a stage where I embrace the description 'collector' when talking about my tattoos. I now do feel like they are my little collection; they're not all art, they're not all memorials, but they are all mine.



Rockalily Style: Granny Dresses


You know when you wear clothes, and they feel ok, but not amazing....this is what this outfit felt like yesterday.

The dress is ok.....but actually its a bit big, and a bit short. I think I'm going to give it away. 

Do you only wear clothes you feel awesome in?


The Chap Olympiad 2012

On Sunday, we closed Rockalily Cuts so that we could help out at The Chap Olympiad.  It's my fourth year of the Olympiad, and its an event I always look forward to. 

We were helping the chaps and ladies sign up for the events, which included things like 'cucumber discus throwing', 'umbrella jousting' and 'shouting at foreigners'. All very tongue and cheek of course! I think my favourite event each year is 'bounders' which is where men have to whisper to women, and see who can get the reddest cheek from being slapped.





Ellington was chief of security, and despite some showers, the weather was much better than last year!







We had the pleasure of Mr B, the Gentleman Rhymer to amuse us during the interval.

What I like about the Olympiad, is how mixed it is. You can observe a lady in Edwardian clothing and without blinking an eye sweep over a 20s flapper, a 50s sweetheart, along with me in a rather Landgirl-esque ensemble. I do feel a little disappointed at the few people who don't dress up, but luckily the majority do!


Fingers crossed that the Chap Olympiad 2013 enjoys some sunshine so we can all picnic on the grass again! Darned British summer time!