Rockalily Style: Rockabilly heads to the gym


Today's outfit of the day is a tad different, its my gym outfit!

So I joined the gym (along with others who use January to say enough is enough) and I've been pretty excited to get lifting some weights.

As you can see, my trainers are pretty grim, but I'm making myself wait to prove a month of committed gym use before buying myself some nice ones. These ares are my mate's old running ones.

I took some 'before' pictures and I would love to be able to progress enough to post an 'after' picture to share! eeeek!


Rockalily Style: Rockabilly Blues


Today I'm wearing a long line shirt, with cropped shorts. I'm wearing a pale pink chiffon scarf with a faux bang.


Wonderful Women: Welcome 2013

Last night we started the year of with a Wonderful Women meeting. We wanted to set goals, completed a wheel of life, and set specific business targets with required actions.

We had some new members which is always fun, and we were all raring to get 2013 going!

One man at the  bar asked if we were a group of dressmakers. I appreciate he didn't mean any harm by it, but gosh it made me angry. We all had notepads and pens, and the majority of us do look slightly alternative, but I just got rather incensed. Is that really want a bunch of creative women have to be doing? Craft or sewing?

I replied that we were actually a business group for entrepreneurs..... ;-)


Rockalily Style: Back to Work


After some festive time closed, we're now back with regular hours...wooohoo!

We were all very cherry this morning, pleased to be back at work again!

I'm wearing a red polka dot dress, with a black cardigan over, and a tartan rockalily bandana to hide my terrible hair!


My New Year Eve - Drinks with Friends


Happy New Year! Last night was the night when you're meant to have the BEST NIGHT EVER, while spending a fortune and wearing new clothes. Clearly all of that is a waste of time; the pressue just usually makes you have a lame evening with a lighter pocket.

So I wore a dress I have had for years and years, and went to a local pub at the end of my road. It means I got to see in the new year with some of my best friends, have a dance and a drink, and stumble home safely with a salad in pitta.

Obviously many people also use New Year to reflect on the people who are no longer with us. I have this photo of my Grandparents at the salon, and although I didn't really know them, I like to think they would have loved my little business.

My darling Dad would probably be laughing that I went to a pub that he used to drink in 25 odd years ago with his mates.

 If you fancy having a nose, you can see my New Year celebrations from 2006 through to 2009 or my rather odd outfit choice from last year 2011/2012



Looking back at 2012

January - I held the #ZOMGBloggersBash, a bloggers party to celebrate a year of Rockalily, and the launch of a lipstick shade named after Zoe from London Lipgloss.

It was one of the most nervewracking things I've done! The whole pub was hired out, so it was a big space to fill! But fill it we did, phew!

February - My lipstick was featured in Hello magazine as perfect for Valentine's Day.

I was also featured in The Sun magazine Fabulous

March: I won the twitter business award #SBS from Theo Paphitis and took my mate Pip with me to go and meet him.

April: It was Viva Las Vegas time! Viva Las Vegas is the world's largest rockabilly convention, and 2012 was my second visit. It's colourful, fun and pretty inspiring all round.

May: I opened my very own hair salon! Eeeek! Rockalily Cuts was born. I also got Ellington the dog. Stinky.

June: I managed to get tickets to the Hackney Weekender, a free music festival hosted by BBC Radio 1. I had such a blast, and it reignited my love for dance music. I had missed dancing.

July: The little Rockalily family went and helped out at my favourite London event, the Chap Olympiad

August: With my renewed love of dancing, I headed out to a UK garage night and flipping loved it!

September: Ticking another resolution off my list by having a celebrity in the salon. Sabina Kelley visited us for the three days she was at the Tattoo Convention signing calenders. We loved seeing every morning and getting the tattoo gossip!

October: It was my big 3-0 birthday! I went to a local pub, and had a ball. Lucie even brought me out a cake (while I cringed inside a little!)

October was also the month me and Ellington appeared in the People newspaper's magazine.

I also got a new tattoo for my birthday - woohoo!

November:  My first column in new tattoo magazine Things and Ink got published. I didn't start writing a book as I had vaguely wanted to in January, but at least this is a start hey?!

December: Having our first staff party felt like a great milestone to reach!

I was also short listed for a local business award, which powers me on to make 2013 even more productive than the last!

What a year! I reckon I could have easily included a few more awesome things, but I had to try and be selective I guess.

How was your 2012?


Rockalily Style: The calm before the storm


My hair is a mess. It's raining, and I'll be doing it properly for New Years Eve later, I've just shoved a nautical scarf over it for now.

I'm wearing a mustard cardigan, which fits rather oddly actually. It's from Topshop (via a charity shop) over a vintage dress. I feel rather prep school inspired.

No clue what I'm wearing tonight, but will of course post a second out of the day post once I'm ready to go!