Magazines Are Out Of Touch: Eva Wiseman's Guardian Article

If you know me, or follow my tweets regularly, you may know that I'm not a fan of the majority of magazines aimed at women. In a vaguley ironic way, you can see me, in my bra and pants, on the front of the pictured magazine with the strapline, 'Men Can't Resist Our Bodies'. Oh yes.

Eva Wiseman published an article today called 'How Time Stands Still in Women's Magazines' and it rang so many bells that have been tolling in my ears for ages now!

To place my own opinions in context, let me explore briefly my own relationship history with magazines. I grew up with girl magazines like Bliss, Sugar, Smash Hits, before I 'upgraded' to Just Seventeen (to become J17). Then came More, the closest we could get to explicit sex advice before the internet! As an adult, I would happily read the weekly celeb magazines, the monthlies and pretty much anything I could buy for the bus ride. I have devoured red carpet disasters, poured over glimpses of cellulite and tracked bumpy relationships.

However...I just stopped caring. I'm now 29 and don't care who is dating who. I don't care if a woman bends over at the beach and has a roll of fat, and I certainly don't need a red circle pointing it out to me. I don't care about an Essex girl and what nightclub she was spotted in. I also don't care what is in person's fridge.

I don't mean that with any judgement on anyone who does care, just that I do not, and I don't find many options in the magazine world, and I surely cannot be alone. Eva Wiseman proves I am not!

If I buy a fashion magazine I have to literally stop myself gasping at how many adverts I have to pass before finding any actual content. I'm paying near enough a fiver to have a catalogue. 

Go and read Eva's article and do let me know if you think magazines are out of touch. I just wish they had bigger freedoms away from the demands and expectations of the advertisers. Life is interesting, rich and varied. I wish magazines were able to reflect more of this.

It is also a rather chicken and egg situation considering in the years I have stopped reading those magazines I have never felt better about my body!



New Hair Colour - Black and Pink


I blogged about attempting to strip the old colour from my hair, and said to watch this space as to how I would fix my hair.

Well here is an early morning picture to show you!

I have black on the majority of it, and a bright pink on the fringe and small side section.

I haven't cut it, it's just curled, so appears shorter.



Lucie Luella - Rockalily Cuts' Head Stylist

Lucie Luella is Rockalily Cuts' Head Stylist, so I thought it was about time we told you a bit about who she is!

1. When did you start hairdressing?

Lucie: I started hairdressing straight from school as I always knew I wanted to be a hairdresser. I love the freedom and creativity, and love being paid to do something I'm really passionate about. I used to cut all my friends' hair with kitchen scissors (not reccommended of course!) - when I was about eight years old I had a couple of angry mums banging at my mum's door more than once!


2. When did you start dressing in a vintage/retro/rockabilly style?

Lucie: When I was young I was always dressing up; one week I would be a punk, the next a hippy. I'd say the vintage style came when I was about sixteen. I had the pencil skirt, fur shawl, and a pearl necklace, but I never really understood the fashion as I didn't have any influnces in my life at the time so my teens took over! Out came the fake tan and hair extensions, but I can honestly say I never felt comfortable looking like that. When I got to about nineteen, I started going to vintage shops and my style definitely became a lot more alternative. My wardrobe grew and grew, and before I knew it I was dressing in vintage dresses every day.The girls I worked with called me 'Granny', but I felt comfortable and the most confident I ever had!

London has given me so much style inspiration, especially for a more rockabilly look, as there wasn't much in Leeds (where I am from) and I feel now my style will continue to grow and become a lot more 'rockabilly' as I just love it. I think it's super classy and sexy!

3. What is your everyday hairstyle?

Lucie:  My hair is usually long and wavy, which I do with pin curls, and always accessorise with some hair pieces -  flowers, cherries etc. If I'm having a lazy hair day I'll wear a full head scarf and a lot of lippy!

4. Which vintage and modern celebrity do you admire most for their hair?

Lucie: I don't take inspirartion from celebrities as they are not the ones doing their own hair and it gives women a false outlook on what should be achievable! I take a lot of my inspiration from real women, listening to their needs, their lifestyle, and around that creating something that will make them feel beautiful but yet achieveble

5. We went to Viva Las Vegas together, how did you find it?

Lucie: I absoloutly loved Viva it was such an amazing experience for me, and it set in stone why I love what I love

6. Describe your fashion style?

Lucie: My fashion style is a mix of alternative and rockabilly, but I think it will transtion into completely rockabilly as I just think it's awesome.

7. What is your current favourite song?

Lucie: I'm listening to JD Mcpherson at the moment, and am totally in love with all of their songs too much to choose a favourite one! I'm starting to take jive lessons so anything I can jive too at the moment makes me very happy!

8. What are you looking forward to most when you're the head stylist at Rockalily Cuts?

Lucie: Well, Rockalily Cuts is everything I dreamed of when I came to London looking for a place where I can be myself totally. I can explore my love for vintage inspired hair and work with a group of people who also all share this passion. Plus I get to dress up and what girl doesnt love dressing up?!

9. If you could give one person a Rockalily Cuts make over, who would it be and why?

Lucie: I want to give everyone a Rockalily makeover - I love makeovers!

 Hopefully when you book in and meet Lucie Luella, you'll think she's as awesome as I do!


Rockalily Style: Lazy Saturday


Lazy day, lazy outfit.


Rockabilly Dress and Shoes for Wedding

I had a twitter plea to find a gorgeous rockabilly dress (size 14) for under £80, with some shoes in size 7 for £50. She wants to buy a petticoat as well, which tells me she wants a swing style dress. So here are some of my suggestions!

This green gingham dress from Dolly Dagger is £79. I love that green is a slightly more unusual colour. You could make it quite 1950s with white accessories, or you could be a bit more brave and wear a clashing colour like purple.

If you were feeling a bit more brave, I own a dress in this tropical print and I love it. This dress is from Collectif and costs £60.

If you want a more simple option, you could try this swing dress from Lady K, which costs £45. You could take a slightly nautical theme and have red accesories, or white for a more vintage look.

If you did want to embrace a nautical look, you could try this dress from Sirens and Starlets, which is a bargain £24.99

This one is slightly over budget at £99, but would celebrate the theme of the day! It is Vivien of Holloway.

A more classic rockabilly look would be this Sirens and Starlets dress for £29.99. Red or blue accessories would really pop.

If you wanted a more vintage look, like 1940s style dress is from 20th century foxy and costs £85.

As for shoes, I'm a fan of comfort, and tend to always look to Clarks, so here are my current favourites that come in on budget!

These are £54.99

These nude heels are £49.99

These red patent shoes are £39.99 and look pretty comfortable!

I own these ones, and they currently have 30% off, making them £34.99

 These red ones are also in the sale, making them £34.99

If you wanted a more comfortable and safe option I'd go with a small wedge like these. These cost £34.99 in the sale.

 Do you have any great wedding guest fashion tips?


Rockalily Cuts - Appointment Cards

These came in the post today....woohoo.

Rockalily Cuts should be open for cutting, chatting, relaxing and preening by the end of the month - watch this space!



How to remove hair colour at home: Adee Phelan Hair Colour Remover Review

My hair had been many colours, and in the past I have used bleach to strip black hair dye, and Colour B4. I am generally happy with Colour B4, and have used it more than once.

My hair is currently pretty appalling.

The only explanation (and excuse) I have is that been so busy getting the salon ready, that it has just seemed silly doing anything to it. But it has been making me feel pretty miserable!

I was, serendipitously, offered a new hair colour removal product, so now I finally can get started on getting my hair back on track! Most of the painting at the salon is now done, so I feel like I can start taking care of myself again!

Adee Phelan's Hair Colour Remover, at first glance seems exactly like Colour B4, so I'm keen to compare and contrast.

The instruction booklet, and all of the bottles tell me that I need to watch Adee's online video prior to use. Something about this bothers me! I shouldn't have to turn on a computer prior to using a hair product, and because I'm stubborn, I still haven't watched it!

Adee starts by explaining how hair dye works, and how hair colour remover products work. The instructions are actually written in first person, which is slightly unusual.

As is standard with hair products you are advised to do a skin test and a strand test. I haven't done either. I never do....whoops.

I actually wasn't super keen on the directions sheet. Its very text heavy, and not completely clear. For example it didn't tell me to shake the mixture, after mixing the two bottles together.

The smell is the same as Colour B4, and the system you follow is the same. I'm currently typing this with it processing on my hair. The only difference I can see so far is that Adee advises waiting 3 days before re-colouring, whereas Colour B4 says you can re-colour straight away.

Washing these products out takes a strong arm and a timer! You musn't skimp on the washing time, as the molecules will expand again if they're left in the hair.

Sadly, the result isn't very impressive! It has faded the pink a touch, but I am now guessing the pink is stained inside the hair cuticle, which these colour removal products can't shift. 

Watch this space for how I fix my hair!