Iris Apfel and Lipton Ice Tea - 7am Rooftop Advance Screening

I'm not normally an early riser, but today I made an exception to attend an advanced screening of the film Iris, a documentary about Iris Apfel. Iris, a style icon at 93 years old, is a formidable lady, her mind seemingly as active as it ever was. 

Lipton Ice Tea have been organising a range of morning events across London, from a giant water slide in Kings Cross, to a fashion talk at the McQueen exhibition, and I was invited to attend this penultimate activity; a 7am screening at the rooftop cinema at the Queen of Hoxton.

There is one final #BeaDayBreaker event left, a morning party with Norman Jay MBE at Old Street Roundabout. The events are free, and you can apply for a ticket here.

I found the film a little underwhelming, a documentary with no narrative can start to feel a little long. It could have ended after 30 minutes and the viewer would have no idea that they'd missed out on anything extra. It's a shame really, as Iris has an inspiring story to tell. She's been married 67 years, travelled the world and had a successful and colourful career. She never wanted children, acknowledging that no one is able to have it all, and she wanted to choose her career and the life experiences she could take being child-free. Her and Carl her husband are still clearly in love, and they still playfully spark joy in each other.

iris apfel film review.jpg

Iris gains so much excitement from style, fashion, and design, and she's been fortunate enough to be able to collect designer pieces that museums can only lend from with envy. However she did remind me of a classic hoarder, but just much higher end! She seemed to be drowning a little in her collections; She doesn't just collect clothes, but a random range of knick-knacks too. 

Iris keeps busy, refusing to give in to the bodily pains that accompany being 93 years old. This attitude is clearly what keeps her mind so youthful and active. She is an inspiration to us all in that respect; she is choosing to seize life each and every day. Her husband, who turns 100 in the film, reminds us that we only get one trip, and while watching him talk in a studded snapback cap, I know he's made it one hell of a ride.



Hair-spiration for your home decor

Love looking at gorgeous and colourful hair on instagram and pinterest? How about covering the walls at home with hair-spiration too?

This purple haired pin-up is an one off piece of art is from Skyes Art

How about this pink haired fashionista from Josefina Fernandez?

I've come across FlapperDoodle before, and still love the simplicity of her illustrations.

Need some blue haired pop art inspired by Katy Perry in your life? Yeah, I thought so.

Don't want to commit to a single colour scheme? How about a rainbow haired beauty from Carissa Rose? 

If you're a fan of vintage hair tutorials, you'll probably know Lisa FreemontStreet, and she's collaborated with artist Kelly Grace to make this trio of images. They'd look ace near a make up mirror I reckon.

A Day Trip to Brighton (create your own mini adventures)

London has been having it's summer weather, and so I decided to treat myself to a holiDAY (and holiday that only lasts a day). So I hopped on a train to Brighton, and set about enjoying every hour of my holiDAY that I could.

brighton beach blog

I lived in Brighton for 4 years in my 20s, and my Mother's side of the family are from there, so I always love returning to visit. It's such a great city, and I adored living there.

Tim Ferris, author of The 4 Hour Work Week writes about the importance of taking mini adventures, which for me acts as a reminder that we need to create and spread joy and excitement throughout our daily lives, rather than hating 5 days out of 7, or 50 weeks out of 52. I haven't had a holiday for over 2 years, and most probably won't for another year, so it's up to me to have mini adventures.

swimming in brighton sea

Despite having lived in Brighton, I'd never actually swam in the sea, but yesterday was so hot I braved it! It was brilliant. I stayed in for quite a while, just my head popping above the water, enjoying the sand under my feet. Was just what my soul needed I think.

We can't always have exactly what we want. I'd love to jet off for a 7-day break, or even a weekend away, but that is no reason to delay or reject opportunities to create our own joy. I had a holiDAY, and for 8 hours I relaxed in the sun, drank cocktails and giggled with a best friend. Perfect, and cheap enough that I may well repeat the experience very soon!

Rockalily Style - Do It Yourself (Painting Walls)

This was my painting outfit from last week, I wanted to give the salon a little spruce up. The shop gets  a lot of bashing, so it needs regular love and attention!

I painted three walls pale blue, over the old grey, to brighten and refresh the space. The paint takes 3 coats to cover the dark grey, but it dries quick, and did it all in one day really. Definitely makes it easier to break DIY into smaller chunks! 

"One night stands are disgusting. For girls I mean, not guys" #everydaysexism

I like to have chatty noise in the background when I get ready in the morning, so I tend to turn on some trashy reality tv. I currently rely on Big Brother and Love Island to create noise while I apply my face and get dressed.

I was given a harsh reminder of how rife casual sexism and ignorance still is, when I heard one of the female contestants say:

"I've never had a one night stand. I think it's disgusting, for a girl I mean, not for a guy".

Firstly, the most painfully obvious sexism dripping from her belief is that gender dictates our behaviours and choices. That there are some things that are ok for men, and not for women. So painful to hear a grown person say these things.

Secondly, the use of the word "disgusting" is such a sad one to use when describing the actions of consenting adults (usually both/all having a lovely time). 

This leads to my third and final sadness with her statement. That we still live in a world, where young adults judge others on what they do in their own bedrooms. 

Consenting sex is not disgusting folks. Having sex with someone you met that evening does not mean you are any less of a person, not does it have any reflection on your level of morality. Most of us have sex drives, and sex between happy and healthy adults is their own business.