Rockalily Style: Has it stopped raining?


I can't wait till Rockalily Cuts is finished and I can start wearing more pretty clothes again! It's largely about function and comfort right now!


Dog Friendly Pubs: Crouch End, London

Fancy a drink, or meeting some mates, but you have a buddy who doesn't want to stay at home? Here are some pubs/places in Crouch End that are dog friendly. 

I have sat inside with Ellington at:

The Maynard, 70 Park Road

The Railway Tavern, 23 Crouch End Hill

The Queens, 26 Broadway Parade

I have sat outside with Ellington at:

The Habberdashery, 22 Middle Lane


Let me know where you have taken your dog in Crouch End! I will keep this list updated.


Just getting on with it.

Sometimes we feel we can achieve anything, and sometimes it's as if the mountain is simply too high. Today, at the salon, I had this delivery arrive.

I was on my own (Ellington the dog doesn't count), and the delivery driver wasn't able to help (the boxes did not fit through the door).

I'm usually a pretty half-glass-full person, but I began to feel a little overwhelmed and very alone! Heavy, and taller than me, I just wasn't sure what to do!

It took a while, but I started small, and I definitely started to get little more hopeful. Bit by bit, despite having sore hands and poor tools, I finally got in.

There are two identical boxes, one of top of each other. A sink unit in each.

The sink inside th etop box was heavy, and I was nervous of dropping it. But again, I just took small movements, and became determined to not let the situation defeat me.

Eventually, after a lot of sweat and a couple of tears, I was successful! It reminded me that sometimes what seems impossible, can certainly be made possible if you just crack on with it.



Having a market stall at an event

I visited a community festival today as a couple of friends had stalls. Here is #wwmoob Pip Jolley, with her fabulous stall. It got me thinking, about how businesses decide whether to take a stall or not. there are certainly many opportunities out there at the moment!

Firstly, I would remember that the people selling the stall space have a job to sell the stall space. If it is a one off, they don't need to mind how much money you'll actually take. If its a regular event, they have more of a vested interested in keeping you happy.

Secondly, how busy will the event be? This one is hard to predict, other things can get in the way - football, weather, train strikes etc.

Thirdly, are the crowd likely to buy your product. Is your pricing similar to the rest of the stalls? Will people have the amount of cash you are asking for?

You may also want to consider what else is being sold - which other businesses will be trading? Are people selling similar things (this sometimes is a good thing, sometimes a bad!). 

Ask the event organisers how the event will be advertised, how will they be attracting passing traffic? Is the location easy to find?

What will success mean to you, once the last penny has been tallied? What will make it worth your while? You will have to pack, carry, unpack , sell all day, and take a day away from whatever else it is you do. Will breaking even be enough? Will handing out 100 business cards make you happy? Earning minimum wage?

If you do decide to try a stall, knowing how you will evaluate it afterwards will help you decide whether you would do it again! 

You could also consider pairing up with a complimentary business, so that you can halve your costs - although of course this means you can only display half of the amount of stock!



Rockalily Style: Black and White


Today I'm in a 80s punk tshirt, black vest with puffy sleeves, and a dogstooth pencil skirt.


Vintage Festival 2012

The Vintage Festival (from Wayne Hemmingway) is back for 2012, and I was invited to guest blog for them on Hairstyles Through the Decades. It covers hair from the 1920s up until the 1980s, and I hope you think I summarised each decade in a small paragraph well!

Do head on over and let me know what you think!


Coffee Shops - Chain or Independent?

Do you prefer chain/branded coffee shops or independent ones? Where I live, I am spoilt for choice, which means I have reflected upon when and why I choose to visit each ones (and why there are some I never visit).

  1. Wifi access. If I have my laptop with me, I love going to coffee shops with free wifi. I'm sometimes surprised that some of them have wifi, but don't advertise the fact that they do, as I often won't go to a place if it doesn't say wifi in the window.
  2. Choice of coffees. Chain coffee shops win on this one. I love a syrup, and a I love a tall latte. I find that most independent coffee shops won't serve me a tall latte, they only have regular coffee cups, and they want to serve coffee 'as it should be served'. This does slightly ignore the fact that I want, and would pay for, a larger drink. I like it milky.
  3. Dog/Child friendly. Sometimes I want a quieter coffee shop, and some smaller shops are better for this, as they can't fit pushchairs in. the chain coffee shops can get noisy with lots of babies. Sometimes I want dog friendly, and independent shops can be much better for this.
  4. Busy-ness. Some coffee shops get very busy at certain time of day, and I always want to sit and enjoy my coffee.
  5. Decoration. The atmopshere of the coffee shop matters. Are the chairs comfortable? Are the tables too low to put a laptop on? Does it feel cosy?
  6. Choice of food. Some of the chain coffee shops have my favourite coffee, but poor food, and sometimes a girl needs lunch! I particulalry like coffee shops that serve toast.
  7. Staff. Independent coffee shops should win this one everytime, but sometimes they disappoint. Starbucks did use to impress me, but the new 'writing your name on the cup' thing annoys me.
  8. Opening Times. I sometimes like an evening coffee, so I appreciate some of the independent coffee shops that open till late (sometimes with a alcohol license too). I do find that some independent ones don't open early enough for me though!
  9. Price. I rarely chose on price, but sometimes it is a consideration.
  10. Length of time you can stay comfortably. I find the chain coffee shops better for this one, especially if the independent shop is small in size. If you want to take a table for more than hour, only certain shops feel appropriate!