Rockalily Style: Land Girl Inspiration


This outfit is inspired somewhat by a landgirl look - by accident!

I'm wearing a cherry print Rockalily Bandana, Rockette Red Lipstick, a Flowery Shirt, Pink Cardigan, and Vintage Style Jeans.


Rockabilly Accessories for your Home

You may well inject a bit of rockabilly (or a lot!) into your fashion choices, but what about your home? 

I thought I would share a few ideas on how to get a bit of rockabilly in your home.

If I had a room to decorate, I would first decide whether I wanted to go rock 'n' roll, tiki/tropical or kitsch. Of course it is possible to mix and match, but for the purposes of this post, I will divide the three elements.

Rockabilly - Rock n Roll

Think leopard print, black, red, gold, leather, Elvis and skulls.

How about a leopard print rug?

A Rockabilly record clock? You can make your own quite easily too!

A diner style telephone?

Art (or posters)are an easy way to set a theme for a room.

Or rockabilly doorknobs to update wardrobes or cupboards?

Rockabilly - Tiki Theme

Think tropical colours, flamingos, palm trees, Hawaiian prints, and Hula girls.

How about some wallpaper?

Embrace your inner kitsch with a hula girl lamp!

Or for your kitchen....Tiki mugs?

Or the ultimate -  a plastic flamingo for the lawn!


Rockabilly - Kitsch

 Think polka dots, poodles, cherry print, cupcakes and pin ups.

Flying swallows?

These cherry decals could transform a kitchen or bathroom if used in the right places!

Bring the summertime in with some bunting?

I have blogged about this amazing poodle lamp before, but here it is again in all of it's glory.

You can't go far wrong with a pin up print!

Does your fashion style creep into your interior design too?


Rockalily Style: Psychobilly ReeRee?


Today I wore a Rockalily Bandana, a London Rockin Rollers T-Shirt, a Pink Cardigan, Leopard Print Skinnies, and Converse.

I have a psychobilly look going on today I think!


Rockalily Style: Bleached hair.


Firstly, ignore the hair, it has been bleached again, but not yet coloured,so it's in the middle stages of colour!

I'm wearing a vintage blue dress, with a red leopard print cardigan and black belt. I'm wearing heart print tights and Clarks shoes. 


Fake Nails Review: Impress

Yesterday I decided to test some new fake nails that came my way (via the London Fashion Weekend, via Mother Rockette).

They are Broadway Impress Press-On Manicure nails, which are apparently revoltionary and can last a week.

So I applied them as directed, and loved how they looked. I used to have regular 3-week manicures, from Nails Inc, which actually did last 3 weeks, they were amazing. But now I have a business to run, expenses like that have to be cut!

I loved having awesome looking nails again. Ten minutes later one pinged off. 20 minutes later another pinged off. An hour later one pinged off.

This morning I replaced the missing ones (you get 24 in a pack). I have lost two again.



Rockalily Style: Punk


Today I'm wearing a punk t-shirt, leopard print cardigan and black skinny jeans.

T-shirt - My Step dad's band

Cardigan - Wallis (via charity shop)

Jeans - Oasis premium denim

Cherry Print shoes - French Supermarket


So....when will you have a baby? Being 30, single and baby free.

I'm single, and heading towards 30. My friends are starting to get married and get pregnant. The unspoken question in the air tends more often to be, 'So when will you have a baby?'.

That elephant in the room, that trumpets more loudly as women age.....our ticking ovaries. 

So....when will I have a baby? It's odd that the question is rarely will I have a baby but when. As if I have no option to opt out, should I wish. Interestingly the internet has connected me with quite a few women who are saying they choose not to have a child. Until recently I had never had the experience of talking to a woman who said they had chosen to remain child-free.

I think there is still a lot of judgement over child-free women - were they overlooked? Not good enough to keep a man? Do they have a medical reason they can't concieve? 

I'm not saying I won't have a child, but actually I feel that as a woman, I have to give up more than most men. When women are pregnant, they don't seem to be asked, 'Who will give up work?', it's presumed that if any parent goes part time or stops work it will be the woman. If a mother and father are equal parents, why is the number of stay-at-home dads still so low? Are women still earning less? Am I over-estimating the number of women who would like to keep working full time? 

Fathers don't get called 'working dads' so why are mothers who work called 'working mums' still?