Viva Las Vegas 15 - Getting Here.

Yesterday was finally Vegas day! After some trouble of the tube, and having to go around a longer route, we finally arrived at Heathrow. We being Miss Honey Bare, Little Miss B Hats and Red Headed Ranter (Lucy).

The first flight was about 7 hours to Philidelphia and I have to say, since I flew to Las Vegas two years ago the technology of the in flight entertainment has really improved! It's now on-demand, with a touch screen, so I watched three films, and some tv.

People who know me know I don't enjoy most films, but I have to say I really enjoyed Real Steel. Really enjoyed! My kind of film.

We got to Philly, all a bit more grumpy, but at least we were on our way! Just one more 5 hour flight to go. Unfortunately when we boarded the second plane I realised that it wasn't going to be as easy as the first one. No tv screens!

So five hours, with no entertainment to pass the time. This second flight was pretty horrific. I'm really not ok with 5 hours and no screens. Really not ok.

By the time we arrived at our hotel, we met Simone at the check in desk, and headed for something to eat.

By the time we had pretty much been up for 24 hours (with a few bits of desperate nodding off on the second flight). We were all reaching our own little breaking points!

On a more positive note...what I love about Americans is their openness in comparison with us Brits. We regularly got stopped by people wanting to say they loved how we looked, where we were going etc. They ask questions about our style, and say 'how cute' we are. When I say regularly, you may well be a little surprised by how regularly.

In Britain we get stared at, but the British reserve prevents most people from actually approaching us. Over here, they have no such fear, and it's nice. Even when we had a couple be pretty openly racist to us (not about us, but about the cultural state of London) I still appreciate their directness. I know racism is equally about in London and over here, but again, people just don't say anything out loud at home! At least we had the opportunity to say London quite likes it multi-cultural status!

I'm so excited to finally be here, it's been a long wait! It's my third time in Las Vegas, but I have spent quite a lot of time in the States, and I definitely love it here. I wish everyone a nice day, and definitely appreciate the level of customer service they provide. We have a lot to learn from them!

It's currently 8am here, and I've come to coffee shop to blog while everyone else sleeps. I have been up since about 5....darned body clock!


Rockalily Style: Airport Outfit - travelling in comfort


This is my extremely tired and grumpy face, as its 6am, and I'm off to the airport. I'm not an airport person.

Last night at about 11pm I decided to dye my hair.....not usually a smart move. I'm now a purple (blue was put on top of my pink).

I'm off to Vegas today! I'm off to Viva Las Vegas 15, and will be blogging while there, but to whet your appetite, you could always read about my trip to Viva Las Vegas 13.


Oh and the picture is oddly cropped as my tripod decided to break this morning. Great start! #needbed


Rockalily Style: ProHairLive Show


Today I am off to Prohair Live, a hairdressing trade show.

I'm wearing my old denim shorts, leopard print tights, a black body, a turquoise cardigan and my new Las Vegas bandana.

I'm in a Pip Jolley necklace.


Triumph Shapewear Advert - What do we expect from advertising?

This is the new shapewear advert from Triumph. It has left me a little confused. Is it using a slim model to appeal to ladies who are bigger, but want to buy the underwear to look like the model (but who clearly has no need to shapewear to slim her down). it shapewear in the true sense of the word, and it is giving her more shape by padding her out?

Now, I obviously know the answer to that question. We are somehow meant to buy into that model wearing this underwear to appear more slim. The advert uses the word slim.  Is this really what works?

It reminds me a little of the mascara adverts that now have to have a 'disclosure' that the model is wearing false lashes, and the face cream adverts where young women apply anti-ageing potions.

Does this drivel really work? about showing a lady who has flesh that she wants to 'slim'and 'smooth'......? How about actually showing us your product working?



Psychobilly Fashion - Zombies

A zombie may well be for life, not just for Halloween if you dip your toes in the psychobilly waters.

This zombie pin up dress is from Too Fast (at Attitude Clothing) and is £47.99

This Zombie varsity jacket is from Toxico and is £48

I have this leopard print dress in red, but the zombie green one is perfectly psychobilly! It is from Collectif and is £45

Are you a Franken-Lover? Wear the t-shirt! This is from Darkside Clothing (at Attitude Clothing) and is £26.99

You could be a little more subtle with your zombie green, with my Rockalily Bandana!

Give your zombie some glamour with these Iron Fist (at Egg n Chips Clothing) for £49.95

This I heart Zombies mini skirt is from Kreepsville 666 and costs £20

This zombie swallow necklace is from Dolly Cool and is £16



Elvis Presley - In Colour (and good times)

There are many videos of Elvis Presley from his later years that I simply find challenging to watch. It isn't just that he bloated and looked a little sad, it is the videos were he is clearly drugged up and not coping. The slurring, mumbling and nonsenseical ramblings are tragic to watch/hear.

So, I choose to focus on when he was incredible. As was (and still is) often the case, immense fame can lead to sad and lonely deaths.

Here is Elvis being awesome. He certainly had some swagger!




Las Vegas Bandana

I'm off to Vegas this week, and so I have finished a new Bandana design! It took me a while to find a Vegas fabric that I liked, and here it is!

They are available to buy - Rockalily Bandana and I'll be wearing mine on the plane!