Dip Dyes, Colour Melts, Balayage and Ombre

Dip dyes, colour melts, balayage, ombre  = All terms that clients ask us for that they didn't use to when we opened 3 years ago. 

blue dip dye sabrinaaa

Maybe the trend for darker roots has been caused by our country's economic situation, it allows us to stretch out the time just a little more between appointments! You can still see the root growth, but it blends in more! 

dark green dip dye

Ironically then perhaps getting these colours is more expensive than a regular colour. The level of skill of application, the amount of colour and time it takes to complete all mean it costs more than just getting your roots blended in. Hair is your ultimate accessory though, so if you can afford it, you probably won't regret it! 

Decluttering to create a new life

When we walk into a freshly tidied room, or a new hotel room, we instantly feel a sense of calm, and our soul almost relaxes.

When we sort our wardrobe or desk, we gain a sense of productivity and cleansing. 

These emotional responses we have to 'stuff', and clutter are not a coincidence, our minds really do respond to our environments, and how sorted and tidied they are.

Over the last year or so I've been working on my emotional responses to my possessions, to be able to let more go; I'd really just started feeling suffocated by it all.

I'm now moving house, and using it as a fresh start, to really consider what items I love enough to pack up, move and unpack at the other end. Here are some of the thought processes I've been using to help me let go of quite a lot of possessions.

1. When I hold the object, does it make me happy?

2. Have I used the object recently? 

3. Do I have more than one of them?

4. When I visualise my dream space, does this object fit in?

5. I don't need to own everything. Does it enhance my life? Would the clear space enhance it more?

Just because I've always been messy, and owned a lot of objects doesn't mean that I have to be a messy person forever. We create ourselves, and we create our living spaces. I am focusing on the living space I dream of occupying, and making it happen. Long gone are the days of needing notice for guests (to tidy up), and apologising for my cluttered space.

Wish me luck!

#BloggersRunTheWorld - Running even when it's tough

bloggers running

I decided I wanted to meet new people, and push my fitness, so I started a small (for now?) running club called #BloggersRunTheWorld. Our first and second run was in Regent's Park, and today's 3rd run was planned for St James Park. However, as is pretty normal when organising group activities, my running buddies weren't able to make it tonight. 

Of course it crossed my mind that I was exhausted, and now that no one was counting on me, I could postpone the run. But I watched a few motivational videos, and just decided to run alone, but closer to home. We are the result of our actions!

reeree running london

My run was tough at parts, my body seemed to be fighting it, but after a while it settled in. I stopped  a few times, but that's ok, I was still out-running everyone at home on the sofa! He he.

Our bodies deserve our attention. We get only one, and we tend to only value our health when illness comes knocking loudly at our doors. Our bodies thank us for it; feeding it with quality and nutrient rich food, along with getting it moving, and moving our muscles..

5 ways house viewings are worse than first dates

what is so bad about flat viewings

If you thought the rejection of online dating was tough, you haven't tried to find a house to share. Blimey it's hard on the soul!

Similarly to Tinder, you can waste hours browsing rooms, trying to judge the type of household you'd be moving into. You make dates for viewings, but when you're being interviewed as a potential housemate, they've viewing you much more than you're viewing the room.

Most probably they've scheduled a whole day or evening of potential housemates, where you'll be placed upon a conveyor belt of judgement. They'll ask about your job, maybe about how tidy you are (always say you are!) and how much furniture you own.

Like a first date, you'll part ways usually with a vague,"I'll let you know!", or "I've got a few more viewings and I'll be in touch!".

Like a first date you'll have an anxious wait to hear what they thought of you. Maybe they'll text, or email, or maybe not at all.

I recently went for 3 viewings, liked them all, and got rejected for all 3. It seems that the housemate version of "It's not you, it's me," is "I've decided to rent it to my friends, sorry".

5 ways house viewings are worse than first dates

1. House viewings can be as short as 5 minutes. You may well have traveled quite a distance, and a 5 minute walk around a dingy flat can feel like a massive waste of time. At least a quick date usually involves a drink or two.

2. You're trying to predict what you'll be happy with for basically the next twelve months, in a very short period of time. As least with dating you get to repeat the trial run a few times before committing!

3. House viewings are usually done with a strict time limit, set by your current lease being up, and therefore your choice always has a sense of urgency and panic. We can be happy single, but not happily homeless.

4. Being rejected as a potential flatmate sucks. You only have a  short time to set a good impressions, and you're not even sure what they're looking for. Being turned down means they didn't pick you to live with. This has a slight sting; who on earth wouldn't want to share with me?! 

5.Making a choice about which room to move into often involves a compromise. Many of us don't have the luxury of being able to live with exactly who we want, where we want, at the price we want.  Dating doesn't need the same "Suck it up" attitude. We can wait for the whole package.

Luckily I found a place in the end, without housemates who had to pick me! I'm pleased, as this next place seems like it could be exactly the right fit for me. Watch this space!