Rockalily Style: Leopard print and dogs!


Today I'm wearing my favourite Collectif jeans and a black vest. I curled my hair in rollers and used setting lotion.


I then hung out with a cool puppy Lola!


Making leaps and taking the plunge

I have been blogging less, and even tweeting less, recently as I have had a lot of thinking to do. Rockalily has some exciting things happening, and big business moves take a lot of brain energy!

I have always loved the above cartoon, mainly for the second frame. 

'Because we're grown ups now, and it's our turn to decide what that means.'

My own personal mantra is that we live the life we choose, and this cartoon represents that in a funny and sweet way!

It got me thinking about how we make decisions. Some of us like to be practical. Making lists, evaluating pros and cons, researching every possible outcome. Some prefer to trust a gut feeling, and I'm sure that most people lie somewhere in the middle of these two.

Risk is scary and exciting. Risk is part of running a business, but we all have different levels of risk that we are comfortable with, and we all have different things we feel we can afford to lose. The risk-adverse amongst us probably aren't setting up their own businesses, preferring the relative stability of being employed.

Personally, I accept that if I want to reach where I want to be, that I will have to take risks, and make big decisions. If it were easy everyone would be doing it! I also find my gut pretty reliable, and well-tuned!

How do you decide whether to make the leap and take the plunge?



Wearable Vintage Fashion by Jo Waterhouse and Claire Bridge

Firstly, let me apologise for the rubbish photos. I am currently locked outside of my flat, and I can't leave (as the main door will close, and I don't have a spare key for that one). So I'm waiting in the corridor, doing my book review (always productive!).

I was sent 'Wearable Vintage Fashion' from the publishers to review, and it is currently available for £14.96 on Amazon.

I also need to say that although I am featured in the book, as well as Rockalily lipstick being featured, I was sent the book just as a blogger, for review. I am not affiliated with the book in anyway, so I hope my review still proves somewhat helpful.

If I were browsing, it would definitely get my attention, it is a sizeable coffee table book. I'm a fan of picture heavy books (despite loving reading) when it is about fashion. I think I'm less about the exact details, and more about swooning at pretty dresses.

The book is divided into sections, each decade from the 1920s to the 1980s and then a vintage street style section at the end.

I obviously turned straight to the 1950s section - its a good place to start if you liked pretty dresses!

The 1950s has been divided into 'Workwear', 'Teen Fashion', 'Evening Wear' and 'Cotton Dresses'. It then has two 2 page spreads of 'Get The Look' where it uses a vintage photograph for inspiration. They then create an outfit, using a mixture of pieces, not only vintage pieces from the decade. I suppose this comes back to the book's title- wearable vintage. It is very possible to get the look, without having to be truly authentic.

There is then an 'Icon' page for each decade, which for me, is the weakest element of the book. In the 1950s one for example, they have used Marilyn Monroe as the style icon. However the model is wearing a bad wig, and a 1980s sequin dress. It looks pretty 'fancy dress'.

The final element to the section is the 'Look Book' pages, which are great if you just like perving over vintage clothes like I do.

This page shows Rockalily lippy being featured (yey) but also another example of a poor 'Icon' page. This features the style inspiration of Carmen Miranda for the 1940s, but the poor girl just looks like a fancy dress advert. It seems like the title of the book was a little forgotten here.

Now for the vintage street style section. What is fab, is that I recognise some of the faces in there from other vintage bloggers I know. My picture doesn't really look so much like me anymore, but here I am!

Overall, I can imagine buying the book as a gift for someone, and I do like books I can flick through and look at clear and pretty clothes. I wouldn't buy it as a fashion reference one, but it isn't trying to be that I guess!

You're getting enough bang for your buck, and I wouldn't feel ripped off (as I do with some niche books that don't have enough content). The quality of the glossy paper and the cover is lovely too. 

How do you pick which vintage fashion books to buy? 


Rockalily Style: Modern Twist on Landgirl Chic


I'm wearing  dungarees and a blue leopard print shirt. I have rollers in so I have a cherry print bandana to cover them.

I'm out for a day of writing, hopefully to enjoy some of the sunshine with a coffee!


Inspiring 15 year old Millionaire - Shark Tank

I read a lot of business books, and watch a lot of business television. Shark Tank is the USA version of Dragons' Den, and many clips of it are available on youtube if you're interested!

I watched this one, and wanted to share it! 

A self made millionaire before she has left school. Proves it can still be done!


Rockalily Style: An average rockabilly girl


I think this is a pretty rockabilly by numbers sort of outfit, and is a quick, easy and casual way to embrace your own rockabilly style.

I'm wearing a leopard print bandana and my vintage glasses.

I have a vest I bought years ago from Walmart (when I had more of a 'chavvy' style) and a red rockabilly cardigan.

I'm wearing cropped jeans, which are from Primark years and years ago.

I'm wearing my old, broken and well loved blue converse. I actually bought these in Las Vegas, almost exactly two years ago. Maybe when I go again in a couple of weeks I'll buy a replacement pair!


Rockalily Style: Purple


Today I'm wearing a vintage dress, which is actually the dress I wore when I had my school librarian job!

In this picture my fringe looks perhaps next week I will trim the sides so that they definitely go up like a U shape.