9 Lovely Things in April 2014

After sharing 9 lovely things in March  I figured I'd do the same for April.

1. I conquered my spiraliser and loved my courgetti! A great comfort meal for those of us who are low-carb.

2. I ran the Electric Run and actually enjoyed it. Pushing your body just that little bit further is pretty empowering.

3. Rather than give me chocolate, Mother Rockette gave me $100 for Easter. Now to book a USA holiday!

4. I was the recipient of a random act of kindness and someone on instagram found this vintage queen bust at a carboot for 20p. She knew I love kitsch royalty tat, and posted it to the salon. I don't know her, but  gosh she gave me a smile that day!

5. I bought this Grease comb at a vintage fair. Gosh I love it! It says "You're the one that I want".

6. I went dancing/raving at a Uk Garage night with an old university friend, and it's great forging new bonds with people from your past sometimes. Distance was the only reason we stopped being friends, but she's recently moved closer to me, which makes me happy.

7. I found this atomic magazine stand on the street, calling my name! I love street found furniture!

8. I started decorating the second Rockalily location, and really enjoyed the satisfaction that comes from a task like painting. It reminds me that I'm not afraid of getting dirty and working hard, and watching it all come together warms my cockles.

9. I bought a blonde wig! Why the flip not.