9 Lovely Little Things in March 2014

I'm doing my first blog link up......figured I'd try something new! So, we're all sharing lovely little things from  March. A chance to reflect on the small and big things that made us smile this month.

lovely things in March.jpg

1. I'm nearing a year anniversary of getting my first acrylic nails I've been enjoying my nails this month. Mermaid inspired glitter colours. I even love visiting the nail bar, as its owned by young women and I love a litte business-to-business chit chat! My nails make me feel polished.

2. I won a twitter contest to have a signed book from Richard Branson. It was World Book Day and Richard asked for our favourite book quotes, and he selected two. My winning quote was:

“Matilda said, "Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. " Roald Dahl."

 3. I've really been enjoying trying new food choices. I'm pretty low carb,  and I've even started trying Protein shakes on the days I go to the gym. This was a blended kale and onion omelette.

lovely things in march 2014.jpg

4. I'm addicted to faux hair, and March has seen me purchase perhaps two or three new half wigs, as well as a fake pony tail. The length makes me feel so swishy, and yes sexy!

5. Getting a branded coffee brings me so much joy, even if it's a daily treat. It never gets old. 

6. I've had my eye on these heart sunglasses for ages. I've visited them at least 3 times, but held off as I own too many glasses. However, on each visit their price had been reduced, so this month I finally bought them. Two price drops and still calling my name? I had to own them.

march lovliness.jpg

7. March saw me challenge myself to wear clothes that make me very nervous. I was set a bet to wear short shorts so I went for it. The shorts are only shorts, but felt like such a landmark to me. They're completely out of my comfort zone. I raved the night away with old friends and had such a great night.

8. My dog went to the vet this month, and I'd been debating the trip for so long. I hadn't been able to decide what would be best for him.  He came back, looking very sore, and for the first few days he was so sad and groany. But now we're at the end of the month I know it was the right choice. He's much better.

9. We've started having some sunshine!! I took my dog to the park with a book and enjoyed some time away from technology. I love picnics and sun in London - please bring more my way! I  have new sunglasses to wear!

Cassy started the blog link up, feel free to head over and join us in celebrating lovely things in our lives!