8 ways to moan less.

I recently read a great blog post by Becoming Minimalist called 'How to Complain Less' and I just had to share it.

Joshua talks about how we've become almost programmed to complain. Have we been tricked into thinking that life should be smooth sailing 100% of the time? Of course it won't be, so why waste the effort to complain about it.

He lists the reasons we shouldn't complain. These include:

1. By thinking negative thoughts and stating negative attitudes we concentrate our attentions on the bad. We also attract negative people to wallow in our negative-ness together.

2. We negatively impact those we love - no one likes a moaner. It's an unattractive quality.

3. It encourages a state of 'victim' who has no control over the outcome of your life.

Joshua then goes on to give 8 ways to complain less

Becoming a half glass full person is possible, and definitely worth making the change. How about setting the challenge of responding positively everytime someone asks how you are this week? Rather than 'fine', or a complaint about the weather, how about a loud and secure 'amazing', or 'fantastic'?