8 reasons dating is hard

1. Having to put yourself out there to be judged over and over again. Although you will be casting judgements of your own, being picked or not picked by someone else can still get a little tiring!

2. Getting to know people, and trying to open up and let others know you can become a little draining when you never get to follow it through.

3. The fear that you'll have a really stilted and awkward first date. 

4. It can get expensive dating, you may be out more, and at slightly pricier establishments that you'd frequent with your pals.

5. Having to try and work out what someone thinks of you. The advice is usually to just focus on what you think of your date, but once you've decided you'd like another date with someone, it's only natural to try and work out whether they feel the same.

6.Shuffling around the topics (without directly asking) that would mean you're both looking for the same things. Casual and sexual? Potential marriage? Happy to just go with the flow?

7. Being rejected takes a strong ego, regardless of whether you even liked the date or not! 

8. Not having as much time for your normal life. Seeing your friends less, maybe going to the gym less. We can't always fit everything in!