Last weekend I headed to the Vuelio Blog Awards, a swanky formal event to celebrate bloggers who are leading the way in their niche. I've been blogging for perhaps 8 years, and I used to attend blog events pretty regularly. However, I'm less socialable these days, and since the blogging world exploded and became so much busier, I rarely attend them (and of course are invited to less too!). However this invite was for a formal dinner (rare) and pretty local to me, so I decided to come out of my bubble and head on down!

I know a lot of people had to go alone, but I decided to embrace the evening as date night, and took B as a plus 1. We rushed into our race-day outfits, and felt sufficently 'formal' to rush out the door and grab an uber. 

My blogging bubble tends to focus on fashion and beauty blogs, so I found the crowd refreshingly varied. As they were celebrating niches from travel, food, fitness, parenting etc, the attendees were mixed in age and gender. We welcomed a few glasses of prosecco and chatted. I got asked to do a brief interview for some student journalists. I tried to explain my answers would be lame, but I gave in. 

I love my little blog, and I love the opportunities it has provided me. However it isn't something I really champion at the moment, so I don't really want to talk too much about it really. They rather awkwardly asked me if I was up for an award (obvs not) and how many followers I had. It's almost as awkard as asking someone what they earn isn't it? 

Similarly to a wedding table plan, we found our pre-assigned seats (with my pre-arranged vegetarian meal) and joined our table. The food was yummy, and the wine plentiful, which is always a winning combination.

Blogging and the rise of social media seems to still confuse a lot of the marketing world. The shift of reach and influence has forever changed their landscape, and I think they feel a little out of control. However, we know of course it's nothing new really. Word of mouth has always been the most successful type of marketing, the internet has just amplified it to new heights. Personally I love what this means. Sources of information and trust are more varied, and we get to hear more voices than ever before.

We had a great time, and I was fiercely proud of everyone out there creating little businesses and fun hobbies out of writing, documenting, informing and taking photographs of their lives and interests. Bravo.