Volunteering on Christmas Day

christmas hat

Christmas morning, the drizzly rain was pretty miserable, but off I went with my Christmas hat for protection. Last year I'd sworn I'd do Christmas differently, so here I was, a little nervous but ready to do Christmas differently.

The unknown is always a little scary, but really what was the worst that could happen? Nothing. So off I went.

volunteer at christmas

Volunteering isn't always about saving the world, sometimes its just about turning up and taking part. I was helping out at a lunch (and sitting and eating!)  for those in recovery from alcohol and/or drugs. Christmas can understandably be a very triggering time of year, there's pressure to have an amazing time with family, spend a lot of money, and a lot of support services are closed or on minimal hours. Even the fact that there is no public transport can make getting to meetings (AA, NA etc) hard or impossible.

I'm not sharing this to brag, I didn't save lives, nor did I make anything happen; this lunch would have happened in exactly the same way had I been there or not. It's perhaps just a reminder that Christmas can be whatever you decide. It can be a chance to see loved ones, a chance to help those with bigger struggles than ourselves, a chance to rest, a chance to reflect. We don't need to feel trapped by expectations.

I saw my family last week and I'm seeing my boyfriend in a few days time, so I'll have had quite a few Christmases, so giving my 25th to others (rather than just sitting at home alone??) felt right.