6 new tips for maintaining your forever weight loss.

I have posted before my top 5 tips for losing weight and getting fit and the 10 tips I gave my friend to help her lose weight, but today I thought I'd give 6 extra tips for maintaining your new lifestyle choices each and every day.

1. Find some local takeaways which have good options for you. I'm often with people who order pizza, but I'm lucky enough to have some great pizza delivery restaurants that offer some lovely salads.  This weekend I enjoyed a lovely goats cheese salal delivered, had a taste of my friend's pizza, but stuck to my choice of salad. It was lovely, and still felt like a 'treat'.

2. Mix up your fitness choices. I go through stages of enjoying running a little more,  then I go off it again. That's ok, as long as I'm doing something! My weight baring exercises have plateaued in progression recently, and I was given advice to eat more protein prior to my workout, so today I tried a proper protein bar. The placebo effect alone made me push myself harder. I've also started doing some gym visits with a friend, which has mixed it up a bit (in a good way).

3. Try new foods. I've never eaten more fruit and vegetables than I have in the last 12 months, and I try and experiment more with foods to try. Today I bought physalis for the first time, and got home to google what they are and how I eat them! 

4. Take the steps. I'm not actually a believer that taking the stairs counts as any substantial exercise, but when I can, I take the stairs instead of the esclator. Not for the extra calorie burn, or muscle tone, but for the physical reminder that I want my body to be strong and fit. 

5. Focus on nutrition. It excites me that my body is being fed better than I've ever fed it before. I'm not an extremist in this sense, I eat sugar and caffeine, and I'm low-carb, rather than zero-carb, but I feel ace for enriching my body with vitamins and minerals in the best way I can.

6. Look for the regular habits you can work on creating/changing. I used to have cake or fruit bread every time I went to a coffee shop for coffee. I now have coffee first, and if I'm hungry I know that Costa sell mixed nuts, and that Nero do a soup. I used to drink fruit cider or wine at the pub, and although I sometimes have a glass of wine, I now stick with vodka and  diet coke. I go to the gym at least once a week, enough to keep it a habit, but sometimes add in more. When invited to a dinner party I bring fruit for pudding, rather than cake. People never seem disappointed!