What I've learnt so far - 4 weeks into a new fitness regime.

So I've officially finished my fourth week of my new fitness regime. I've attended the gym 4 days a week, for 4 weeks, and I've been reflecting on what I've learnt from it so far.

1. What really matters if you want to change your body, and/or your life, is that you just decide to stick to something. Forget about getting caught up in progress, that will come. Focus on just keeping showing up. Stop rushing to the mirror after a week, a month, or whatever hoping to see a magical change. Change takes time and consistency. You need to reward yourself for sticking to it, and showing up. Trust that the rest will follow.

2. Really take to heart that everyone starts as a beginner. No one at the gym knows your journey or your progress, and feel proud of being a beginner. I started out feeling a bit embarrassed that I'd let my fitness slide for so so long, but the past doesn't matter. It matter that you turned up today, and that you'll turn up tomorrow.

3. Be willing to throw yourself in at the deep end. Up until now, even when I got fit before, I didn't attend classes. They made me too socially anxious. Being the person out of time, not being able to complete the tasks etc just makes me too embarrassed. Until now. I decided to try something new, and I'm really enjoying it! I love my Body Pump class that I do twice a week, and I've been doing spin, and Body Combat on the other two days. They make me try new things and work harder than I would alone. I do hope to leave the classes one day, as I'd like to lift heavier weights, but as a beginner they're so good for my fitness confidence.

4 You may not have massive changes to begin with, but you will soon notice smaller ones. Acknowledge and celebrate them along the way! In just 4 weeks I can notice that my cardiovascular fitness has improved, my legs and arms are becoming a little leaner, and my rather pathetic attempts at push-ups are becoming less pathetic. Woohoo.

If you want to make changes, you need to be willing to make changes that you'll repeat over and over again. You can't quit after a week because you haven't suddenly got a 6-pack. Focus less on the results and more on the habits.