New make-up I've been using (the Balm, Estée Lauder, EX1, Dior)

the balm nudetude pallette

I have been using a lot of new make-up recently, so I thought I'd share some thoughts in one cheeky review post. The Balm Nudetude eyeshadow palette (£26.50) is a super cute palette that I got in a goody bag. I'd never actually used any The Balm products so I was keen to try it out. My first piece of advice is to chuck the brush away. I find this sadly the case for most cosmetics, apart from the Urban Decay Naked palette, which has an ace brush. Anyhoo, I've been wearing these eyeshadows for a couple of weeks now, and they are definitely fine. Perhaps not amazing, but fine, and I'll wear them until they run out for sure. This seems to be a fun substitute for the Naked Palette, and if you don't want to stretch the extra for that one, this is a great alternative. All very wearable shades.

put a lid on it the balm

More than anything though, the eye primer that came with the palette is bleedin' genius. I usually use a a concealer or a mac paint pot, but this primer is a clear gel. I didn't trust it at first, as you can't see it, like with a concealer or traditional lid primer. However, I've had zero smudging each and every day, and it allows me to have a less caked on look. Brilliant. Not sure how it works but it does. 

doublewear estee lauder review

For a while time now I've been using Dior's primer for my face, and it made me want to explore higher end foundations too. I'd been using the L'Oreal Infallible range, and finally tried Estee Lauder Double Wear.  I asked for their lightest shade. I had been concerned that the SPF was only 10, but the Dior primer has SPF 20 so that's ok.

At first the coverage wasn't as heavy as I'd expected but then I reminded myself that you can't judge an unfinished face. So on with blush and powder, and boom; much better. I've worn it everyday for a couple of weeks now. It certainly holds a bit better than the Loreal, it doesn't become quite as powdering/settled after a day's wear. I'm pretty happy with it, and would be curious to try a high end powder next. I'm still using my Loreal Infallible one.

ex1 blusher review

I hadn't heard of EX1 before, but I found this cheeky fella at the bottom of a goody bag, so I'm been trying him out too. They cost £9.50 and whats really interesting about it is that it says its 100% oil and fragrance free, and non pore-clogging. It's hard to isolate a cause, as I've changed a few things face-wise, but the rosacea/rash that is ALWAYS on my right cheek has been pretty settled recently. Perhaps......perhaps.....this blusher has helped with that. Wouldn't that be interesting. As an extra bonus the pigmentation is awesome. I'd like to try another shade!